Maine Flowers - Probably Annuals, but perhaps Perennials

Need help identifying.

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Number 1:  This is some kind of pea: 

Number 2:

This one is shown with David's hand:  I did take pictures of the labels, but it isn't clear what label goes with which plant.  This label is Brugmansia.

ANSWER:  Thanks, Judy!
#2 is indeed Brugmansia, also known as Datura, or Angel's Trumpet.  In California and Florida it forms a small tree after several years, butin the north, it must be brought in for winter. All parts are toxic.

Number 3:

Isn't this lovely.  At first it looks like a flower:   But then you look again, and I think it is the leaves that have turned pink or purple (like pointsetta?)  Here's one showing seedheads. 
The label I photographed is Salvia Viridis, "Marble Arch"  Is this Salvia?

:  Yes, it is.  The "flowers" are bracts, and are reported to stay attractive for a long time, and even to retain their color when dried.  There is some more information at Annie's Annuals:

Number 4:
I have no clue what this is, but it is interesting.  Strange flowers, with the seed pod beginning in the center, and very interesting seed pod:

    Note the odd centers. 

ANSWER:  Thanks, Judy!
#4 is Nigella, also known by the old English name of Love-in -a-Mist because of the finely dissected foliage.. It's an easily grown annual( self seeding if the soil under it is disturbed lightly in April, like Corn Poppies) and the pods are often used in dried arrangements. It is available in seed catalogues, often with the red and white forms, listed as 'Persian Jewels'.

Number 5:

This is a tall plant that looks a bit like an astilbe or budillea (sp?)

  Around the same time that I was photographing this, I noted a label: 
Cimicifuga Ramosa "Atropurpurea" Bugbane. 
ANSWER:  Yes, it is Bugbane.  It's a perennial.  More information can be found at the Cornell website::

I could use your help identifying these flowers.
 If you know what any of them are, please let me know and I can add the information.
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