Hanford Mills Museum
East Meredith, NY
  July 30, 2005
Lumberjack Show

It was a beautiful summer day.  The temperature was in the low 80s, and after a couple of weeks of high humidity, we have finally gotten the beautiful, clear days with low humidity we expect and deserve..  We took a drive to Hanford Mills, about an hour away, a bit east of Oneonta.  Their webpage is at http://www.hanfordmills.org/

Hanford Mills Museum is a working saw and grist mill powered by a Fitz overshot waterwheel.  The Museum also features tours of the John Hanford Farmstead and a gasoline powered engine and dynamo.
The water to run the waterwheel comes from the millpond.  But in drought times, they need to use steam power.  We were told that this area was one of the first to have electricity, but it was turned off at 9 o'clock at night.  If you wanted the power later in the evening, you could invite the Hanfords to your party, and they would leave the power on.

In the Hanford family home, built in 1909, there are some original furnishings and other restorations to the year 1920.  (Since our house dates from the 1840s, it felt awfully modern to us!)

This was the daughter's room.  Note the wallpaper.

I had wanted to see a lumberjack competition this summer, and we found their webpage while googling.  When we got there, we found that a lumberjack show is quite a different thing from what we expected.

There was log-rolling, but the log, which could spin, was tethered and was covered with astroturf.

It was still hard to do, though.
There was axe throwing.  
There were also opportunities for "amateurs" to try their hand.  We passed, not wanting to lose a hand or other part.
The lumberjack in this picture is about 10 feet up in the air.  He has two planks with metal cleats on the end.  He chops a slice into the pole so that he can put the plank in as a step or platform to stand on.  Then he puts another slice for the second plank, and in that way he can "climb" the tree and end up high where he intends to cut or remove branches.

We also got to watch a blacksmith make a nail and a hook.

We drove around this part of the state for an hour or two after leaving.  We were fascinated by the red soil and it doesn't appear the hills were as scoured by glaciers as in our area.  It's craggier, and the rocks are much larger.   The Hanford Mills Museum website describes this area as the northern Catskills.

We ended up at dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Oneonta.

The wonton soup is excellent.

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Published 7/31/05
Photos by Leslie or David

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