Nathaniel Cole Park
Colesville, NY

  July 31, 2005

Too hot to cut grass, we set off on another exploration.  We ended up in southern Broome County, east of Binghamton, in Nathaniel Cole Park,  a county park.  D was delighted to learn there was no admission or parking fee for this lovely park. 

Their website is here.  It declares:
Cole Park boasts a beautiful 53-acre lake and twin arcs of white sand, the largest protected beach in the county system. There are two picnicking areas and all the amenities necessary to make Nathaniel Cole one of our finest parks.

Children of all ages enjoy the sandy beach.  But what is even better is that the beach is ringed with a lovely lawn, so you can sunbathe without getting sandy. 

Even though it was a beautiful Sunday in the upper 80s, the park was not overcrowded.
There are lifeguards, changing areas, showers, lockers.
The depth of water varies in different areas and is clearly marked.

We decided to rent a canoe.  There are several watercraft available to rent, including rowboats and paddleboats.  The fee is quite reasonable, at $2 per hour for the boat, to a maximum of $10 for the day, and during the week, "seniors" can rent a boat for only $1.00!!

Let's go over there!

Lots of fun!
Especially because D did most of the work.

It was just beautiful on the water, and D decided we should try for top-speed to the far side of the lake.

Alas, we were half way there when we heard thunder and decided not to take our chances with the thunder gods who have been mostly targeting scouts, but should we trust that?  We chose to return to safety.
Shortly after we turned, the lifeguards also heard it and ordered all boats back and closed the beach. 

By the time we got back, the beach was clear.  There was no rain, yet, and not much thunder, so there  were still a few people enjoying  their picnics.  We had not brought  dinner, though, we  decided to end the day.

It's a lovely park, and well worth the drive.

1674 Colesville Road
Harpursville, NY 13787

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Published 8/01/05
Photos by Leslie or David

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