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This booklet covers OEM parts for the 1950's Chrysler Corporation hemi engines in the car and truck division, along with casting, forging and part numbers for everything from air cleaners to water pumps. Stamped engine identification numbers are listed for all hemi engines including marine and industrial units. Also included is a "length" page which provides quick reference dimensions for items such as heads, blocks, rocker covers/assemblies, and oil pans. The various locations of block casting numbers, are listed for your convenience.

Did you now that Desoto and Dodge cylinder head bolts interchange fully? You do with this booklet. How about spark plug tubes? Are you aware that all Desoto tubes interchange with the 1956-1958 Chrysler engines? But you say you don't know what engine the tubes come out of? No problem, since the lengths for the three tubes used in all of the hemi engines are listed.

This is just a sample of the wealth of information that is here for those who love the hemi. It is sure to become a milestone in the history of this unique engine. No longer will ignorance rule the hemi market. Now, whether buying or selling parts, or complete engines, you can be sure of your transaction.

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