Izyaslav Darakhovskiy,  Under Three Empires

Linkages sponsors a sister city program between Rochester, New York, USA, and Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. Following is a letter from the President of Linkages to Dr. Darakhovskiy (Izzy).

November 17, 2007
Dear Izzy,
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Linkages, I would like to thank you for speaking at a Linkages public meeting about your life and your autobiography, Under Three Empires.

One of the goals of the Linkages organization is to promote an understanding of Russian culture and history. Through your account of your life, you gave us new insight into what it was like to live in Russia during the last half of the twentieth century.

Your talk was very lucid and interesting.  I personally enjoyed reading your book. The strength you showed throughout your life, both here and in the Soviet Union, in facing the many adversities and challenges you encountered along the way is a source of inspiration to those who read this book.

It was an honor for us to have you speak to us and a pleasure to get to know you in planning this event. I hope that we will see you again at future Linkages events.
Paul L. Caccamise President

This is the announcement of the publication of Izzy's book:

Announcing a New Book by Izyaslav Darakhovskiy,

Under Three Empires: The Thorns and Roses of  a Life

($14.95) Bartleby Press, 2007

Dr. of Economics, International lecturer, Author of eight books, Holocaust survivor, Participant in World Bank projects.

Order online: amazon.com

Call Barnes & Noble, Rochester, NY at 585/586-6020

Contact the publisher 1- 800-953-9929