A "Virgin" Site

By Jim Vokes NY

Let me first tell you that I live in the small farming community of Caledonia, NY, population 5000.  It is located 20 miles South of Rochester, NY and 50 miles East of Buffalo.  The land in the immediate area is gently rolling hills of fertile farm country.
A few years ago, using 1860's maps, obtained from Jerry’s Treasure Den in Syracuse, I found an old, out of the way house site, which is now a cornfield.  I hadn't had a chance to detect it when I heard from my buddy Chuck that he was going to be in Caledonia on a club hunt at the local old fairgrounds the following weekend.
Come Saturday, which turned out to be a beautiful summer day, I  decided to stop over to the fairgrounds and see if Chuck and his group had found any coins.   I know from experience that 1800s coins are there.  Well, as luck would have it they were just finishing up. For the dozen or so folks, they had a silver dime and some newer stuff to show for their efforts but everyone was in a good mood just being outdoors with good friends.
I suggested to Chuck that perhaps we could try this "Virgin" site I had located.  Chuck as usual was ready to go!  It so happened that I had gone to high school with the landowner so that permission was no problem.  
Sooooo, Chuck loaded his green machine into my 4-wheel truck and off we went.  We traveled about a mile out of town and turned into quiet laneway thru a little swamp.  The swamp ended and we started up a hill to the field when suddenly, gliding around a slight curve, there stood a pick up parked facing toward us in the brushy farm lane.  
Oh! Oh! We both thought the same time; this might be a lover's nest.  No sooner had we thought that when from the pickup bed, up popped the head and bare shoulders of a very cute girl looking very startled.   
Well, we couldn't very well back up the truck all the way thru that swamp so I drove into the brush to get around the pickup. It was soon obvious that that the lass was dressed in shorts and halter and was alone, apparently sunbathing in the back of the truck.
With my biggest smile, I hollered 'HI!"  and asked if she was so & so's daughter.  She answered, "Yes!" So I said we were going up the hill to metal detect the old cornfield and continued on.  
I can't remember if we found anything of value that day but as we were driving away, Chuck said:  
Jim, I will never doubt you again.  When you say a "Virgin" site, 
you definitely mean a
"Virgin Site"!