Simple Explorer Set Up

Folks seem to want to make the Explorer, OH so complicated.  Well it can be if you let it because it has all kinds of options depending on your requirements for particular sites or types of detecting.

However, for the new person  trying the Explorer for the first time and continuing on for several months, all that is required to find lots of coins and treasure is a basic set up.

After turning your explorer on, just simply push the "iron mask button" and you will see a small screen which is black on the left side and clear on the right side.  Underneath this screen is the "iron mask bar".  Click on the bottom left button to adjust the bar to the "minus 10" setting.  Then click on the "iron mask button" again and you will see the final detecting screen.

Begin detecting right here!!!!!   Pretty simple isn't it?

Place a quarter on the ground and pass the coil back and forth over the coin at about 6 inches.  You will hear a clear, repeatable tone signal.  Take the coil away from the coin slightly and note that the Cross Hair on the screen has locked on in the upper right hand corner.  Simple isn't it?

Now go out and do some detecting.  To keep it simple, dig all "repeatable signals" regardless of tone or cross hair location.  You will find lots of treasure this way.

Remember that although discrimination can be a good feature, because of "target averaging" you will begin to miss "good targets" as soon as you begin discrimination of any signals.

I hope this helps a lot of you folks starting out and remember to keep it simple!!
Now when you have done some detecting and want to do more tuning..

Here are some advanced settings you can make...

Sensitivity:  I normally hunt in " Manual" set at 24, then vary the setting to what ever gives me a steady threashold

Threshold is set so that is barely audible.

Screen Contrast - 10

Audio..  Volume - 10  Gain - 6

Variability - 8

Limits - 10

Sounds - "Conduct" although some say that in trashy conditions they like "Ferrous"..

Options -      Advanced should be always be darkened.
                    Response - I always use Normal
                    Recover- I always have both Fast and Deep on..

Good Luck.. email me if you have any questions..
Jim Vokes