Jim Vokes' Tip
Setting up the Soverign

Most new Soverign owners tend to make the Soverign more complicated than it is.  It is actually a very simple machine to set up and go......

Set the control box up as follows:

            Two discriminate knobs set a Zero!!!!
            Volume knob set at max volume!!
            Sensitivity knob set at 12 o'clock
            Threshold knob until you can just hear it..

Isn't that easy?  Do not change the settings to anything different.. Just set the knobs there and hunt that way..  Can't get any simpler..

With the settings this way, if you are hunting and the machine seems to be erratic or there is too much static ...... there usually only two reasons for this..  either the battery needs charging or there are power lines or a transformer in the immediate area.. Try adjusting the sensitivity knob lower, sometimes that helps!

When detecting, keep the coil flat to the ground and scrub the ground.... in other words keep the coil as close to the ground as possible..  As you are going along you will hear beeps,  when you do, go over that spot again.. If the beep disappears, continue on..  If the beep repeats and is positive signal on the meter .. dig it.. Soon you will learn how and when to discriminate with the meter..  Emphasis on the 'when"

There that is enough for now.. don't make it too complicated because it is not!!!!

Good Luck to all of you new sov owners.. It is a great simple machine!


Any Questions?  Email me!
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