August 18, 2007

Photos taken by Jeffrey Nast KCMKS

About Knife Island

Knife Island is a small piece of rock only about 1,200 feet from the mouth of the Knife River Marina:
Google Maps
ACME Mapper

As you can see from the "Google Maps" aerial photo in the link above, there are some water hazards that need to be addressed in our travels to and from the island.

The island itself has exposed rock, small shrubs and a number of 20'-30' trees. The local inhabitants (Gulls, Commorants, Geese...) should be done nesting by this time, so we hopefully won't be interfering with the nesting season. Though I still think there will be a fair amount of "dive-bombing" by the local inhabitants to try and scare us off their rock.

Speaking of flora and fauna... Since the birds own the island, there is plenty of white wash to go around. Many pre-processed fish and french fries (that's what the tourists feed the gulls...) have been deposited here! There is an odor on and around the island. It is not a rank or a stench odor such as rotting animals, but none the less there is a strong odor. My goal is to set up as close to possible on the windward side of the island to help mitigate the odor. Then the wind will switch... HI! I'm hoping for a good soaking rain to cleanse the island before we get there...

The local humans consider the island as a "bird sanctuary". There is no official governing body that will admit to that, and there is no signage on the island to that effect. If we were to be bothered by the locals or even tourists... one plan is to have Ray and Deb dress up in their best naturalist outfits (Dr. and Mrs. Livingston?) and then we have the excuse that we are providing communications for a very important field biology exploration team.

See the bottom of this web page for more photos of the island and our operations!

About the KI Knife Island CXpedition

Please visit the QRZ web site for QSL information:

In order to try and eliminate QRM between the KI stations, I was hoping to arrange the antennas as follows:

This would mean that we would need lots of extension coax.

I will have an HT with, for ship to shore, island to shore, island to ship communications. I also plan on getting into the ARAC and LSAC repeaters to advertise our position and frequencies. Feel free to bring an HT along for backup communications...

One last word before you go... I want this to be a "fun" outing. I'm not looking to get the most number of contacts ever, no pressure there!. Go at your own speed, have fun. If pileups happen, switch gears and "git 'r done"!

Operators: Food arrangements:
Location: Transportation: Possibly 4 transmit stations (maybe more...): Be prepared for inclement WX: Other considerations:

Knife Island CXpedition photos

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Scouting the island... Scouting the island... Scouting the island...

Scouting the island... Scouting the island...

Scouting the island... Scouting the island...