About Us

Our History

We are a three generation owned campground. Camp In The Woods was Started and owned by George Frankish. Owning and running a farm as well as a John Deere dealership has kept George busy in his younger years. In his more experienced time he was looking for something that he would enjoy in his older years. A visit with his brother Herb in Florida during 1964 inspired George to create a Campground back home. In 1967 with some land that he had been farming, decided over a handshake and a cup of coffee, to purchase the farmed land and create what we know today to be Camp In The Woods. With only a few sites started George decided to put an ad in the local city paper and to his amazement gained more campers to allow him to expand. With the creation of a pond as well as a Dance hall and Barbeque building for cooking chicken the shape of Camp has flourished as well as grown. With the help of Ruth Richie, Camp had created Chicken Barbeques with Dances for the outside public as well as campers. Bazaars were also a popular event including crafts, cookies and other events also helped shape camp into a friendly and entertaining environment. John (Georgeís son) joined his father in 1985. With his love for the outdoors and camping, his determinations have helped with the expansion. John with the help of his father developed Camp from 27 to 87 sites.† In 2006 Josh (Johnís son) joined the campground. Ever since being a kid and helping his grandfather and father at the camp, he has always enjoyed being there. His Dream of being part of Camp took many years but those years were well worth the wait to be able to continue what his grandfather had started. In the winter of 2009 Our founder and creator of Camp In The Woods Has passed on, and has left a son as well as a Grandson with keeping his creation alive. John & Josh will continue with what George Frankish has created of Camp In The Woods. As we bring new things to Camp in the future years we will always keep the fundamentals as well as values of what Camp was created on. With his fatherís knowledge and his Grandfathers determinations will help to keep Camp In The Woods an aspiring camping experience for everyone.



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