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Updated 02/22/10 -- Video of snow dumping off of the roof!  Click the picture below to watch it.  

If it gives you an error, you might have to right-click on the picture below and "save as" to watch it (~1.5MB)



In May, 2004 my Dad & I started construction on his new 50'x32' garage.  It has four bays.  Three bays are normal 7' doors and the fourth bay has a 10' door and a high ceiling (around 15') for distant future installation of an automotive lift.  There is a storage area above the three 7' bays that is approximately 20'Lx20'Wx8'H.  The area above the high bay can also be used for light storage.




Here are a few pics of framing up the outside walls.  They are built from rough-cut 2x6's.  The walls on the high end are 12' tall and the remaining walls are 8' tall.







Here are some pics of the floor joists for the second floor and the ceiling joists for the high bay.







Here is a pic of the subfloor installed on the second floor.  For this we used 1" poplar boards.  Also, are some pics of the short wall around the top.





Here are some pics of the rafters going up.  We made our own rafters for this project.






These pics show the sheeting for the tin roof going up.  Again, we used 1" poplar boards for this.  All of the overhang areas are fully covered for sealing.




Finally!  October 2004 it is under roof and ready to shed snow for the winter.




Here's a few pics of the siding going up.  September 2005.




Here's a little more progress.  August 2006.



Here's some of the latest progress.  January 2007



Siding installation complete and garage doors going in.  September 2007



December 2007 -- My sister & I got Dad a race-used front clip from one of Jack Roush's cars from a few seasons ago.  We hung it up on one of the high walls in the garage.



August 2008 -- The roll-up door for the big bay is installed!





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