Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2010


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This year was another great show.  The weather was great on Saturday but there was talk of tornadoes in the area on Sunday, which kept the crowd a little light. 

CarlisleAllFords2010Sign-01.JPG (171315 bytes)



Here's a few shots of the Early Broncos

EarlyBroncos-01.JPG (123054 bytes)     EarlyBroncos-04.JPG (155111 bytes)

EarlyBroncos-05.JPG (142085 bytes)     EarlyBroncos-06.JPG (143873 bytes)     EarlyBroncos-07.JPG (141554 bytes)



Here's a couple interesting Shelby's.  One of the ones used in the movie "I am Legend" and a Super Snake.

2007IamLegendShelby-01.JPG (109789 bytes)     2008ShelbySuperSnake-03.JPG (148581 bytes)



I thought this Mustang and trailer was awesome!

MustangAndTrailer-01.JPG (128218 bytes)     MustangAndTrailer-03.JPG (110262 bytes)



The 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet

2010Mustang CJ-09.JPG (159273 bytes)     2010Mustang CJ-08.JPG (139755 bytes)     2010Mustang CJ-04.JPG (99684 bytes)     2010Mustang CJ-03.JPG (129508 bytes)



Cobra Jet Reunion

CobraJetReunion-03.JPG (129607 bytes)     CobraJetReunion-06.JPG (114892 bytes)     CobraJetReunion-07.JPG (139645 bytes)     CobraJetReunion-08.JPG (155884 bytes)



A few pics of the Ford Raptor

SVTRaptor-02.JPG (139955 bytes)     SVTRaptor-05.JPG (144632 bytes)     SVTRaptor-07.JPG (103008 bytes)




Bigfoot-01.JPG (128434 bytes)     Bigfoot-03.JPG (145161 bytes)     Bigfoot-08.JPG (103122 bytes)



A few Ford GT's

FordGT-04.JPG (129242 bytes)     FordGT-03.JPG (106981 bytes)     FordGT-02.JPG (94956 bytes)



427 GT Mark II owned by Lee Holman

Ford427GTMarkIIHolman-06.JPG (115204 bytes)     Ford427GTMarkIIHolman-05.JPG (138083 bytes)



A few shots of the showfield.......

CarlisleAllFords2010-19.JPG (98538 bytes)     CarlisleAllFords2010-20.JPG (97843 bytes)     CarlisleAllFords2010-21.JPG (95144 bytes)



.....and a few shots of the sky, and the crowd, on Sunday just before the awards parade.

CarlisleAllFords2010-42.JPG (77727 bytes)     CarlisleAllFords2010-43.JPG (70385 bytes)



See you next year!


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