Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2009


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This year was another great show.  The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday and Sunday.  From what I hear, Friday was a washout but you couldn't ask for better weather on the weekend. 




As usual, I'll start with the Broncos.  Quite a few in attendance again this year and since I had to park at Gate 5, I entered the fairgrounds at the top of the hill, where the Broncos are always at.  So, I got to check them out first thing Saturday, while most of them were still there.  


Here's a few shots of the Broncos.  The Bronco Driver Bronco was down amongst the swap meet.







Ford Motor Company had a huge presence at this year's show.  They had displays and specialty vehicles setup all over the grounds.  They also had the Drive One display set up at the Expo Center and the Mustang Garage set up at the manufacturer's midway.  The specialty vehicles included a few 2010 Shelby's, the SVT Raptor, the Blue Thunder monster truck, and a bunch of other vehicles.








There was also a Ford GT reunion at this year's show.  You don't see this many Ford GTs in one place very often!







There was also a Ford Skyliner Retractable display.






Here's a unique Mustang that was in the invitational display.  A 1968 Mustang High Country Special.  First one of these that I'd ever seen.






As usual, I'll leave you with a few long range shots from around the fairgrounds.





See you next year!


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