Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2005


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Finally, good weather for the All-Ford Nationals this year.  Well, for Saturday & Sunday anyway.  I wasn't there Friday but from what I hear it was rain rain rain that day.  Anyhow, this year's show was awesome.  There was a great turnout of show cars and vendors.  I didn't buy alot of stuff this year, mostly some small diecast Broncos and a few tools.  Can't wait til next year to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Bronco!!  Check out the pictures below.



Here are some shots of the Early Broncos that I saw this year.  These pics are from Sunday.  I believe there were a few more in attendance on Saturday but I didn't have my camera with me.







They had a tribute to Carroll Shelby with a bunch of Shelby Mustangs on display in building T.  Here are a few shots of those as well as a couple other Shelbys from the showfield and the 2006 Shelby GT500.







Bud Moore was on hand to sign autographs.  Here are a couple shots of that.




Here's  something interesting I saw at one of the vendor stands.  These are original pit stop signs for Parnelli Jones and George Follmer that were used during their Trans-Am Series racing days in 1969-70.  They were autographed by Bud Moore and the vendor was requesting offers greater than $1500 for the set.





This year there was a Boss car reunion with over 250 Boss cars in attendance.  Here are some pics of that.








Here is a Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, a Sunbeam Tiger, and one of the coolest cars ever, a Skyliner.





And finally, as always, a few pics of the showfield on Sunday.




See you next year.


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