Here are some pictures from the NRAO where I work


February 2008 -- Not really NRAO related, but astronomy related -- a few pics I took of the lunar eclipse.



September 2007 -- Foggy morning viewed from the receiver room of the GBT.



I took these pics in December 2006, when the sky was looking kinda cool and the sun was hitting the GBT just right for a pic...



Here's the Pluto flag on site since they declared Pluto is no longer a planet...


Here's a tree that got hit by lightning.  Begs the question of why this tree got hit so hard with that huge steel structure in the background??


Here are a few pics that I took in the summer of 2006 while we were working under the surface.



This pic of the GBT was taken (not by me) on 12/14/05 at around 7:15am.


Here's a couple shots I took from the top of the GBT... about 400 feet up.




The first pic is of me & a buddy working on the GBT, installing some instrumentation.  I'm the one in the yellow hard hat, we're about 300 feet up.  The second and third pics show what it looks like sitting on the beam, working at that spot.  If you look close in the third pic, you can see some guys working on the ground.  The last two pics are just a couple more of me working up there.





Here's the actuators that we work on and the catwalks we use to get to them.  There are 2209 actuator motors that control the shape of the GBT's surface.




I took this picture from the GBT during the Fall of 2004.  That is the 140 foot telescope in the background.


Here are some misc shots of the GBT.  475 feet tall.... 16 million pounds.... 100 meter diameter, 2.3 acre surface.... fully steerable radio telescope.





Here are a couple aerial shots of the NRAO site.



Here are some pics of the new UHaul truck for WV that features a graphic of the GBT



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