Carlisle Summer Bikefest 2004


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Below are some pics from the Carlisle Summer Bikefest 2004.  The guys from Orange County Choppers were on hand to sign autographs for those who were willing to wait in line for as much as 5 hours!  The place was absolutely packed.  I did get pics of the OCC guys and of several of their theme bikes though.  There were also a ton of other custom bikes at the show. 


Here are a few pics of some other bikes that were at the show.




Here are a couple of the bikes and a shot of the crowd that was waiting in line for autographs.





I didn't get autographs but I did get pics of the OCC guys.


Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. during their Q&A session.



Mikey & Cody signing autographs.


Vinnie signing autographs.


And Campo was at the show too.



Black Widow Bike




Fire Bike










I Robot Bike




The Mikey & Vinnie Bike




Mikey's Bike and the NY Jets Bike




Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I did buy a motorcycle at the show.  I bought the Fire Bike from Orange County Choppers... 1:18 scale model for $8 that is.



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