Welcome to my website!

My name is Jeffrey Metzger and I am an avid collector of authentic Tiffany Studios glass, lamps and windows. Always on the lookout for more examples of fine Tiffany to round my collection, I am willing to travel anywhere to acquire them.

Do you have a Tiffany item that you are interested in putting up for sale? As a Tiffany connoisseur, I am the person that the dealers would resell your piece to. Instead of talking to a dealer, why not talk directly to me? You may find it worth your while!

Besides my of love of Tiffany, I also have a burgeoning interest in Art Nouveau Furniture; especially French pieces with inlay work. I would be interested in purchasing any such items that you may have.

Even if you are simply interested in learning more about Tiffany Studios Art, I am sure you will find this site of interest; you will soon see why I am so fascinated by the exquisite beauty of Tiffany!