Student Study Area

Finding a Place to Study
There's more to it than just sitting down and taking root right where you are now, and hitting the books until you can't keep your eyelids up anymore. Read this section to help yourself find a better place to study yourself insane.

The SQ3R Study System
Once you've read the previous section, and found that precious place, read this one. Here you'll learn how to study yourself to sleep, and actually retain some of that information when you wake up!

Note Taking
The key to being able to study EFFECTIVELY requires a good set of notes to study from. This section will tell you how to take good notes that you can understand 6 months later when you are studying for that huge final exam.

How to study for exams
You must admit, there's studying, and then there's studying. Studying for that huge final exam is a whole other animal. If you can handle conventional studying, but when it comes to those huge final exams, you just want to rip all your hair out, then this is definitely a section that you'll want to read.

Taking Exams
Taking an exam is your way of showing off what you really know.  Be sure you know the strategies that will help you perform your very best.

Problem Solving
How to solve those challenging word and math problems using a logical approach.

Preparing for Physics Exams
How to prepare and take those dreaded physics exams with a logical and calculated approach.

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