AP Physics

Thermal Physics Assignment (10 pts)

Be specific in your explanations, and show all work for problems.

1. A piece of brass has a temperature of 0.0oC. Another identical piece of brass is twice as hot. What is its temperature?

2. A thermometer is laid out in direct sunlight. Does it measure the temperature of the air, or of the sun, or what?

3. What is the temperature of a vacuum?

4. When a hot water faucet is turned on, the flow often decreases gradually before it settles down. Why does this happen?

5. Does a pendulum clock gain or lose time in warm weather? Explain.

6. Describe the desired characteristics of Pyrex®, a heat resistant borosilicate glass.

7. A grandfather clock has a 1.000000 m aluminum pendulum bob. If the temperature drops from 30oC to 20oC, how much time will it gain or lose in a 30 day month?

8. The railroad tracks along SUNY Brockport are made from 20.0 m lengths of rail. If they were laid down on a cold winter day of -10o C, how much space should be left between them if they are to just touch on a summer day when the temperature is 40oC?

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