Physics Assignment

I. Problems with Electrical Current
1. If there is a current of 10 amperes in a circuit for 10 minutes, what quantity of electric charge flows in through the circuit?
2. How much current must there be in a circuit if 100 coulombs flow past a point in the circuit in 4 seconds?
3. How much time is required for 10 coulombs of charge to flow past a point if the rate of flow (current) is 2 amperes?

II. Problems with Electrical Potential
4. The potential difference between two point A and B in an electric field is 25 volts. How much work is required to transfer 10 coulombs of charge from A to B?
5. Ten joules of work are required to transfer 2 coulombs of charge from X to Y. What is the difference in potential between these two points?
6. It requires 600 joules of energy to transfer a quantity of charge between points C and D at a potential difference of 30 volts. How much charge is transferred?

III. Problems with Current, Potential, and Power
7. If 100 volts causes a current of 5 amperes in a lamp for 20 seconds,
(A) What quantity of charge flows through the lamp?
(B) How much energy is used?
(C) What power is developed?
8. The potential difference between two points is 100 volts.
(A) What quantity of charge would be transferred by the use of 400 joules in 2 seconds?
(B) What current would exist in the circuit?
(C) What power would be developed in the circuit?
9. The potential difference of a battery is 25 volts and 10 amperes flow in the circuit.
(A) What quantity of charge flows in the circuit in 20 seconds?
(B) How much energy is delivered?
(C) What power is developed?
10. One hundred joules is used to transfer 200 coulombs from points A to B in 5 seconds.
(A) How much current exists in the circuit?
(B) What is the potential difference between the two points?
(C) What power is needed for this transfer?

IV. Problems in Conversions
11. How many kilowatts is 250 watts?
12. How many kilowatts is 1.0 x 105 watts?
13. How many joules are in 746 watt-seconds?
14. How many joules are in one kilowatt-hour?

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