The Appliance Roundup                                                                                 Brockport High School NY USA

You have many electrical appliances in your home that consume electrical energy.  To obtain 10 points of extra credit, you will need to locate at least 5 different electrical appliances operating on  household current (120 Volts) then complete a VIRP table as though all were connected in one parallel circuit.  

Electrical information about each appliance can be found by reading the nameplate attached to the device.  Choose only appliances whose nameplates are easily visible.  DO NOT open any appliance in search of the nameplate.  Light bulbs are not appliances.

You will need to answer all of the following questions to receive all credit (no partial credit allowed):

1.  Sketch the circuit showing all 5 appliances connected to the 120 volt household source.

2.  Complete the VIRP table, listing the name of the appliances you have chosen.

3.  Determine the minimum circuit breaker value in amps needed to protect the circuit.

4.  If all appliances were turned on for 24 hours, determine the amount of energy consumed.

5.  Assuming electricity costs $0.10 per kilowatt-hour, determine the cost of running these appliances continuously for 24 hours.

6.  Attach this cover sheet to your assignment.  Be sure it is signed below.

7.  Turn the light out when you leave.

NOTE: To verify the authenticity of your VIRP table, the signature of the person who pays the electric bill in your home must be affixed below.


Head of Household Bills ____________________________________________________________

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