End Tables:

James T. Steichen
Date Last Modified: 28-Jan-2013

An example of how furniture can be made more refined-looking with marquetry.   The picture is another Ukiyo-e print.  The original print was by Tooshuusai Sharaku.   Background is Cherry, fan is satinwood, picture border is walnut, kimono is black-dyed birch.   The tables are mainly Cherry with walnut trim & legs; they also have a drawer & is 21"H by 21-1/2"W by 15-1/2"D.

This is a picture of Toshiro Mifune as Kikuchiyo in "The Seven Samurai."   Picture background is walnut with a black-dyed birch border.  Kimono is Cherry, as is the rest of the table top.

Lady with Fan (by Tooshuusai Sharaku):