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Welcome to the Hartson family home page from Dansville NY.

I have decided to update the page somewhat; I changed the pictures and updated the Resume. I haven’t really had time to do a lot with this website so I made some minor changes to bring it up to date. The first picture is of my wife Lisa and myself in Virginia at one of the plantations. We try to visit a different one each time we go down to NC and visit my oldest brother and his family. And the last is of my daughter standing in front of an AN2 Russian Cargo Plane, I have been fortunate that I have had the opportunity to sit in the left seat and fly this over the area in which I live. What a tank, but what a joy.

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James R. Hartson Sales / Test Engineer, Resume.
Hartson Family Coat of Arms Black & White Image.
Hartson Family Coat of Arms Descriptive of the Coat of Arms.
Hartson Family Tree (Father) Family History
Dunn Family Tree (Mothers Maiden Name) Family History
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You can send e-mail to Jim, Lisa, Rob, and Keara  at     The Hartson family Email .

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