Starter Installation For the 4.9

You can use this starter on the 4, 5 and 6 speed manual transmisions without cutting into the bell housing. There are 2 ways to do this, you can use an Allante starter or you can use a PowerMaster starter with a modified mount. I chose the PowerMaster way. In the following pictures I will show you why the OEM starter mount does not fit and what needs to be done to the starter's mount. You will need access to a milling machine and a drill press. An easier way to make this mount is to call Archie, he has the mount, and ask him to send an extra shim.

The starter is a PowerMaster 9000 series and it will come with the front mount attached to the starter and one spare shim will be in the box also (more on that later). The problem is the OEM starter mount hits the engine block.

By removing the area "B" piece, this will allow the starter to be moved closer to the engine block and the starter pinon will engage the flywheel correctly. We will use the holes marked "A" to mount the starter to the engine block. But before you do any machine work (I am now going to total confuse you) remove the 3 allen head screws and rotate the mount 180 degrees. Now machine off area "B". This is because we are going to position the starter at a slightly different angle so that the starter's solenoid is in a better position.

A view of the portion of the mount that must be removed. Once that is removed you can test fit the starter and mark where the new holes will be drilled.

Here is the mount completed. I still recommend you call Archie and order one, it is a lot easier. When you press the starter mount back on the starter use 3 shims (1 that was on the starter, 1 that was in the box, and one you get from Archie (or the OEM). You need 3 shims to move the starter pinon back away from the flywheel.

Another view of the machined starter mount.