WARNING: There are times when realism demands a certain seedier side of life that many may actually find offensive in a game or be uncomfortable finding in a game. If this is you or if you are under 18 years of age, then please turn back now and do NOT read about Linda's House Of Pleasure. However, if such things do not bother you and you are above 18 years of age, then I suppose if you're interested, you may proceed.

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I have not put this link directly on my main WebPages since it may be too risque for many main stream gamers, but if you have found it by reading the article on prostitution, perhaps you are already interested and will not be offended. Besides, you should have already left if you're the type to be easily offended anyway. With that said, here is a brief write up of one of the better houses of prostitution within Alodar.

Linda's House of Pleasure

Miss Linda's: Linda is an imperially licensed prostitute, born and raised in Alodar. In her 60s (though thanks to a magic gift of a longevity potion by a stupid but very nice fighter who had a thing for her, and due to one strange happenstance, she is physically in her early 30s). Though she has spent many years abroad traveling, she moved back to Alodar and remains due to the happenstance, a magical blessing by a spirit. As long as she remains in Alodar where the magic is strongest, she is essentially 20 years younger than she would be otherwise. If she leaves, she will age 20 years. If she returns, they will be restored, assuming she isn't dead. Quite frankly, she detests the thought of leaving (or getting old), so she stays resolved never to leave the city again.

Miss Linda (Linda Kimberly) runs a house of prostitution within the walls of the city of Alodar. She also makes a decent living sending women out to other cities as instructors. In fact, Linda has a master's license which means, simply, she can license other prostitutes after they have been properly trained (a two year degree).

Linda currently employs 20 girls (each girl has one roommate, the pair living together in their own room). There are 10 rooms for this, a kitchen, a major communal bath (smaller than a city bath, but much larger than a normal house's, accommodating half a dozen people at one time is no problem. There is also a common dinning hall, a common living area, the display room where the customers look the girls over, 10 working rooms (their personal rooms could also be used if more than 10 customers at a time were on hand), 20 permanent guest rooms, 4 storage rooms, and the master's rooms (a joined pair, bed room and living room), for a total of a 60 room mansion (worth about 10,000 gp or $1,000,000). The house is well known by the upper crust of society and easy to find being the only 4-story building (counting the basement) in that part of the city (excluding towers). Most buildings there are single level, or doubles with basements, or triples (a basement and two stories).

Prices: A higher-class establishment, the prices here are higher and they serve only a well to do clientele. 1 gp for a 2 hour session with the girl of your choice (Miss Linda still works, but she cost 5 gp). In-houseguests pay half that, 0.5-gp/2 hours. The cost for staying there as a guest is 12 gp/month (20 days) paid for in advance, in monthly increments, and only if you are accepted there. This entitles you to the "rate" and the right to partake in the common meal (which is served in this house in the morning (breakfast) between 7 and 9 a.m.).

The girls work 15 out of every 20 days, having a 5 day rest sometime during their 2 day menstrual cycle every 20 days (yes, it is tied to the moons of Orlantia, so the cycle is shorter). They work everyday when they are "on." If she fails to make her quota of an average of 1.5 customers every day (actually, 1.5 gp, so in houseguest only count as half their quota), she will eventually be asked to leave the house. This makes it important for the girls to take care of themselves. Not to bore you with too many details (if you wish you may find some more details concerning prostitutes on my WebPages), this allows the girls to live comfortably with a disposable income of about 12,000 sp/year or $30 /day of mad money. The house, for investment in the girl's retirement fund and/or their general upkeep, takes the rest.

Currently, the 20 girls (hopefully the term "girl," though not PC, doesn't offend too many people, but they are generally called girls) working for Miss Linda are:

01.) Zoey. 22, Red hair, emerald green eyes, 5' 11", 135 pounds. A talent for music, she plays piano and harp and she is highly intelligent. She will probably inherent the business from Linda if she continues this way.

02.) Zarrah. 17, Black hair, black eyes, 5' 2", 102 pounds. A love for adventure stories and something of a writer. Zarrah has many wigs and hairpieces to change her appearance. This one girl can look like 20 different women (and she acts differently under each wig as well). Many men have had her several times, never knowing they were with the same women they were with before. Her nickname is "Whites," since she favors a striking white wig. Zarrah also tends to shave her pussy so her pubic hair doesn't need to match her wig.

03.) Mirri. 21, Brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 8.5", 109 pounds. No special interests other than sex and men. She loves to fuck and would do it for free, but why not get paid for it?

04. ) Janice*. 19, Strawberry blonde hair, 5' 6", 120 pounds. Janice has exceptional curves in all the right places and is very popular. She loves having sex with men and/or women. She reads a lot and has a special like for nick knacks and small artistic items. Her collection is extensive. More than the other girls, Janice prefers group sex and orgies. She's always up for a gangbang.

05.) Stephy. 25, Corn silk blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 4.5", 104 pounds. Stephy likes money, parties, and clothes. Her wardrobe is 10 times larger than any of the other girl's wardrobes are. She is generous though and frequently lends the other girls clothing. She saves her money so she can buy clothes or pay her own fee when she will fuck a customer for an outfit they brought her (though she must like it, but this is usually the case since she either hints at the outfits when the customers were last there or knows one of the other girls will like it). She looks great in everything, and she looks better with nothing on at all.

06.) Doreen. 19, Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 8", 131 pounds. Doreen is the culinary expert. Her duties include cooking for the house. She also likes to have food-based orgies and sex with food. One of the working rooms is reserved for her alone since a special refer-box is installed there. She frequently hassles Dara to get Dara to let her use Dara's distillation equipment. This keeps her in her flavored extracts that she uses to good effect as body flavorings during sex. She may also sell these extracts, though they are not cheap, costing 2 gp for a very small vial (yet they would last a long, long time too).

07.) Maggie. 16, blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5' 4", 105 pounds. Maggie, the youngest working member of the house, has a surprising talent for economics and trade. Miss Linda took her in and personally saw to her training along sexual lines. In return, Linda is already reaping the benefits of Maggie's economic expertise. She is bright, bubbly, and enthusiastic, and what she lacks in experience she makes up for in youth and just being so darn cute. Already, the more scholarly of the clientele ask for her at least once to see the marvel of her mental computational tricks (she is a mathematical whiz, like a living calculator). Maggie might have been likely to take over the business one day, but unfortunately, she is a bit gullible in too many other areas that have nothing to do with economics.

08.) Debbie. 23, blonde hair, green eyes, 5' 10", 122 pounds. Debbie has a propensity the other girls simply don't. She loves taking it up the ass more than the pussy. (Though all the girls will do anal work, Debbie loves it the most). Practically every customer who has ever wanted to try anal sex has asked for her, and her steady clients are fewer, but more frequent customers. So much in fact, Debbie does the second highest amount of business in the house, surpassed only by Angel.

09.) Angel*. 26, red hair, blue eyes, 6' 0", 128 pounds. Angel has the palest complexion of all the girls here, almost like an albino in some regards. Angel is highly knowledgeable about adventurers. She would have qualified in most fields and does posses the skills necessary to make her a jack of all trades. She is essentially a 1st level warrior/mage/priest of Aphrodite/rogue/bard (though this jack character class isn't upwardly mobile as far as advancement in levels is concerned). She easily relates to other adventurers and picks up on rumors and clues the other girls simply miss. Angel would be an adventurer herself but she loves her comfort and she loves to fuck. If she isn't with a man or a woman, she is probably masturbating. Many men (and women) pay her just to watch her do this and she loves to put on a show for groups of them. (A group of watchers can all arrange to get in for half price (each) since they are a group and are only watching).

10.) Lauren. 32, the oldest working girl here (besides Linda), black hair, blue eyes, a shaver, her pussy is always shaved nice and clean. (She actually possesses a magical razor that never needs sharpening; essentially a +1 straight razor that she does lend to all the other girls to shave their legs, but it is her personal property). She is 5' 7" tall and weighs 134 pounds. Lauren is the most maternal of the girls, taking care of the orphanage for young girls next door. She actually uses all of her disposable income to keep the place going, and Linda helps since it gives her house a better image. Her favorite pass times includes writing and reading (mostly tales for children).

11.) Joanna*. 19, blonde hair, green eyes, 5' 10", 119 pounds. Joanna (another bisexual) loves to spend a lot of time in the city proper. She loves this city. She is fascinated with its history, its politics, and its architecture. She could be considered the resident expert on the city of Alodar. The only one better would be the 72 year old sage Menloos, but he can't fuck like Joanna. She spends 3 of her off days stripping for Menloos, and though he can't perform anymore, she still sucks his dick and sleeps with him in exchange for him teaching her more about the city. Menloos is another permanent resident at Linda's.

12.) Areanna*. Elf, so age isn't that important. Slightly greenish hair and eyes, 4' 11" 85 pounds. Areanna is also a bisexual (part of her reason for being here, the other part being she has the quirk of loving to screw different races). She especially loves dwarves and hobbits and the occasional gnome, but she'll fuck any member of a race who possesses both the desire to do it and the temperament to be nonviolent about it. She has even fucked orcs, trolls, and a hill giant once, as well as a merman and a sprite. Areanna is the only house member sanctioned to perform her active duties outside the city when necessary. Also, due to a sort of curse, Areanna never really sleeps. She instead meditates for 2 hours for every ten she is awake. Areanna misses her Elven dreams and longs to be rid of this curse, but she is also afraid to try to have it lifted since she is uncertain what may happen.

13.) Abbey. 21, brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 9", 130 pounds. Abbey has interest similar to Doreen's (the cook), her best friend. Other than that, her only other note worthy characteristic is she would rather be married and raising a family than doing this work. But her standards are quite high. It is said she is a slightly better fuck than Doreen is, but I haven't personally had either, so I don't really know. Abbey does have an exceptional appearance (all the girls are well above average), and she will accept only handsome, rich, kind, funny, and generous suitors who want to raise between 4 and 6 children. (This is for potential boyfriends, not customers).

14.) Kira*. 17, dishwater blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 6" 115 pounds. Kira is the last of the bisexuals. She is preoccupied with sex. Not just the practice, the business, or for her personal pleasure, but also in a more scholarly way. Sexual techniques and the history of sexual expression are her pass-times. She is also a very good painter, but so far, all her paintings are of people having sex. Many of her paintings depict more exotic sexual positions and adorn the walls of the house, giving many customers many ideas about what they'd like to try. She loves to display her work and loves it more when she can sell a painting, making enough money to buy more materials to indulge in her pastimes. She sells her paintings for 1 to 20 gp. If you buy one marked over 10 gp, she will let you fuck her for free. She sells a lot of paintings that way ;-) Kira, like Linda, may use actual magic during the love making process. This magic is unique to a kind of prostitute character class and worshipers of Aphrodite. They heighten performance and intensify orgasms, but the material components are expensive, costing around 10 gp per session. You want it, you pay an additional 15 gp for this special session (that's about an extra $1,500, wow! Oh well, maybe an orgasm over an hour long is worth it).

15.) Dara. 28, blonde hair, black eyes, 5' 0", 100 pounds., a striking look. Another strawberry blonde, but that is due to hair coloring, Dara is the resident apothecary, an expert in healing and herbalism. She even teaches the skill to the other girls or guests. The largest storage room was given over to her art, as well as the roof. The house has obtained the necessary CL, CH, and CW spells (Continual Light, Heat, and Water) to make this possible. Dara cares for the health of the house. She also sells aphrodisiacs and sexual enhancements and she supplies the monthly treatments for conception control for the girls and a variety of spices for Doreen's cooking. Her other jobs are so important and time consuming that Dara seldom engages in the other professional activities of the house except for personal pleasure and with regular customers who specifically want her and her alone. She alone is exempt from the quota rule, though she makes it more often than not anyway.

16.) Maureena. 25, brown hair, unusually dark green eyes, 5' 2", 117 pounds. (Heavy in muscle mass). Maureena is a body builder, a nudist, and an excellent sculptor. She is usually doing commissioned work for several patrons who supply her with money and materials. Her work is too extensive and she needs a separate studio for it, but it is just down the street. She spends her off days there as well as any time she has after making her quota. Maureena looks like she was chiseled out of fine stone herself, a classic little hard body. She loves to show off and refuses to wear clothing (longer than the time it takes to get out of them) while indoors in the house or her studio. Her sculptures sell well, usually fetching a price of 5,000 gp for full statues, but over half that is consumed in overhead (and it may take an entire year to do such a work). She did the fountain in the front yard (The Lovers). Maureena needn't work at Linda's at all but for the fact that she loves to screw, screw, screw, and she is always looking for perfect models to sculpt.

17.) Midnight. 26, black hair, black eyes, dark complexion. Midnight isn't her real name, but good luck getting her real name from anyone here. Though not common knowledge, Midnight is a 1st level rogue and a very minor official of the Cane Brotherhood. She is an excellent dancer and many men pay just to watch her dance (usually while she is stripping). She has a certain indefinable exotic quality about her, and she uses this to her advantage.

18.) Cassandra, a.k.a. Sandy. 20, sandy blonde hair, brown eyes, 5' 10.5", 107 pounds. Sandy is the thinnest looking girl here. She has a slight eating disorder, but Dara is on top of it, keeping Sandy in good health. Many men love her gaunt look and child like breast, but not all. She has no problem making her quota every week. Sandy loves to make sand art, and one overly generous patron (Maxwell's Sand Art Gallery down near the docks) has allowed her to make the ephemeral art at his place. This is mostly this guy's sexual thing, for he loves to watch her work in the nude for hours and hours, and then he fucks her on her art when she is finished, destroying it in the process. Some of them, however, really touch him and he seals up the room to preserve that work. He actually makes a small income, taking money to let people come and view the art. Sandy gets nothing but credit for this; he keeps the cash. Eventually, when his place is filled with over 30 room's worth of works that he hasn't fucked over (the room number in his place) he will have to buy another place. Many people come from far away just to see these works, paying as much as 5 gp just to view them (a private showing), but usually 50 sp as a member of a group. Most, however, simply avail themselves of the chance to see it while they happen to be in Alodar. Sandy doesn't mind at all since he is preserving her best work and he supplies her with some of the harder to come by materials with more exotic colors (some of which come from off planet through the net). Mostly, the art depicts scenery, but some are individual portraits and historical battles and the like.

19.) Nicki. 27, blonde hair, greenish eyes, 5' 5", 113 pounds. Nicki is a lovely girl and has a weird imagination. The stars capture her interest and she is an amateur astrologer and astronomer. She loves talking about space and actually believes it is humanities' destiny to mostly live in space one day. Very strange girl. Naturally, she loves to fuck (especially at night and on the roof amongst Dara's plants) and if you love astronomy, astrology, or at least feign an interest in it, she will do an especially good job at fucking your brains out. Nicki is very turned on by bald men as well. For some reason, she imagines bald men are naturally more intelligent and viral than other men are. Perhaps this is due to the fact her father and brothers, all intelligent men, happen to be bald.

20.) Sarah Jane. 20, brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 4", 110 pounds. Sarah Jane is the resident gamer. She loves all kinds of games, especially card games, gambling games, and games of chance, but also games of strategy. She invents games, collects games, and writes about games. She is always up for a game and has many, many sexual games. Hide the salami, for example, isn't what you might think. For good or bad, most of the girls take part in Sarah Jane's games as a weekly social get together.

*(This girl is one of 5 bisexuals here, though all the girls will do same-sex work, only 5 of them truly enjoy it).

This list of skills and interests isn't meant to be exhaustive. Miss Linda encourages all her girls to pick up whatever skills they can from their customers - and a fair representation of all the secondary skills in the PHB may be found here in some girl, at least at 5% mastery, and usually much higher. Thus, they are very good conversationalists as a group, and many customers actually end up as a regular of the girl whose interest and skills most reflect their own rather than those whose physical attributes initially most appealed to them.

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