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bulletUSGS Astrogeology research Program.
bullet NASA Space Information A blog deals with current news on NASA
bulletSpace Adventures You can spend a day at the Cosmonaut Training Center or other space adventures here. This is an excellent site with tons of information. They also have a daily newsletter to keep you up to date with space stuff.
bulletApollo Missions Here is a listing of all the Apollo missions
bulletBad Astronomy Debunks all the misconceptions about space. Their moonhoax debunking.
bulletBad Science Find out about bad science that is being taught in our schools.
bulletApollo Moon Hoax Another site about the FOX TV program.   
bulletSpaceTV! Has video of up to date space news.
bulletSpace Art Download space pictures for you wallpaper
bulletStardust A probe to visit a comet and return a sample to earth.
bulletNEO Near Earth Object Program tracks possible asteroids that could crash into the Earth.
bulletGalaxy Searches the universe in ultravolet.
bullet NEODyS Has a list of possible asteroids that could hit the earth.
bulletCONTOUR  Find out what happened to the Comet Nucleus Tour craft
bulletPolar Images from the VIS camera aboard the satellite are here. It also has information about it.
bulletKodiak Star Pictures and information on it launch for Alaska.
bulletMAP Info on the Microwave Anisotropy Probe
bulletStarshine Find out about this project that allowed student to polish mirrors for the satellite than  track it.
bullet2001 Mars Odyssey Check out the latest spacecraft on its way to Mars. 
bulletMars Orbiter Camera See the latest pictures from Mars.
bulletSOHO Check out up to date information on solar activity.
bulletDeep Space 1 Find out about this craft that would not die. 
bulletNEAR Shoemaker Find out the latest on the 1st spacecraft to land on an asteroid.
bulletJupiter Millennium Flyby In December Cassini viewed Jupiter during its flyby while Galileo already in orbit also observed.   
bulletGalileo Project Home The latest information on Jupiter can be found here.
bulletESO  Find out about the European Southern Observatory facilities in Chili and their other activities.  
bulletKeck Check out the dual combined telescopes in Hawaii.
bulletRadio Jove You can find plans to build you own equipment for solar system radio astronomy observation.
bulletSpaceDaily For up to date news on space related events check this site out. 
bulletNational Astronomy and Space Center Another site for the world largest radio telescope. 
bulletHubble Space Telescope Find out about the discoveries of this space based telescope. NASA's Site for HST
bulletSky and Telescope Magazine Another magazine for the astronomy buff.
bulletNASA-TV See the continuous broadcasts on NASA-TV
bulletEarth and Moon View You can view the earth form any spot in space.
bulletAstronomy Picture of the Day Every day a new space picture.
bulletNSSDC Photo Gallery Has a large collection of images of planets and astronomical objects.
bulletOrbits On this site you can see a graphic display of the orbit of comets asteroids that you select.
bulletISS Location Use the map to see where the ISS is right now.
bulletInternational Space Station Here you can find out the latest news on the space station.
bulletNASA This is the home page to the National Aeronautical and Space Administration.
bulletColumbia Report The accident report can be found on this site.
bulletJPL The web site of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Home of the 2001 Mars Odyssey.  
bulletMarshall Space Flight Center Does research on X-Planes and the future of space.
bulletUnited Space Alliance One thing they have are virtual tours of the Kennedy and Johnson Space Centers.
bulletEnterprise Mission Another view point on space related activates.
bulletFocus Camera and Telescope Can supply you with all you optical needs.
bulletMeade Instruments Has a wide range of telescopes, binoculars, and accessories. 
bulletOrion Telescopes and Binoculars Carries a complete line of optical products.
bulletFourmilab Has information on astronomy, space and other scientific information. They also have programs to download.
bulletWidows to The Universe A fun and different Web site about Earth and Space.
bulletNOAA POES Has pictures of up to date Aurora activity.
bulletSpace Weather Bureau Another site for solar activity.
bulletSpace Environment Center Yet another solar activity site.
bulletSeti@home Use your spare computer power to run a screen saver to find ET's signal from space.
bulletSeti League Find out about the search for ET.
bulletStarWars The official site for the StarWars series.
bulletUniverse Today Space exploration news from around the internet.
bulletPopular Science Here is the web site for the magazine.

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