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Club Founding.

How The MDXC Came To Be

By Larry Lundberg from the March 11, 1983 newsletter.

In 1971 or 1972 area short-wave enthusiasts heard of each other via Keith Gloverís Mailbag program on Radio Australia. Getting in touch with each other by phone, they soon found that they were calling each other quite often and later someone said "Instead of calling each other all the time. Lets get together in person!" These get-togethers led in March 1973 to the founding of The Minnesota DX Club. Originally, the meetings were held on Saturdays. John Schaefer used to bicycle from his home in Austin to attend meetings, stay over at Larryís and pedal back the next day Ė a 2X100 mile trip! Now thatís dedication!! Larry summed up his reminiscences with the observation "I may have been a part in starting our club, but youíve all had a large part in keeping it going," Thanks to you and John for helping to start the MDXC so that there became a club for all of us to become a part of! Being a modest person. John Schaefer, when asked about his early days with the club, just said the reason he became one of the first members of the was "I just happened to be there!" Iím sure that Johns contributions were vital to the fledgling club!

Further thoughts by Larry.

At our March meeting we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of our club. I am sure that there is not another club of our type that can boast such a record. (And it still stands. Jim)

During the years 1971,1972, and 1973, all of the original members met each other Keith Glovers Mail Bag and Club Forum programs over R. Australia. He did a lot for the club in those early days when we strived for existence

All of the original members used to call each other up an exchange DX tips and other miscellaneous information. Jim Peterson and Myself used visit each other quite frequently. I told Jim of my experiences with the MDXA (Minnesota DXer's Alliance) back in the late 1030ís. He said "Why not form a similar club with the people we are acquainted with?" This we did, and on March 10th, 1973 the first meeting was held on a Saturday afternoon from 2-5 PM at the home of Jim Peterson. Jim acted as chairman, and yours truly took the minutes of the meeting. We had a great time with each one telling about himself and his DX experiences. We decided on the club name an that we would have monthly meetings at each others home. Seven members attended that first meeting: Jim Peterson, Jim Schwarz, Jim Chorn, Chuck Gooden, Jim Dubois, Peter Bonucci, and Larry Lundberg. (I guess that you could not ask for Jim by first name. Jim D) John Schaefer and Mark Carlson were unable to attend that first meeting. We made up a cassette for Keith Glover which was broadcast over Radio Australia. Mrs. Peterson served refreshments. The only original members left are John Schaefer and Yours truly. John biked all the way one Saturday from Austin to pay me a visit and stay overnight. The club had its ups and downs over the years. However, the present membership consists of real solid people. There are so many people to thank who have worked to help our club survive to its present status that I hesitate to name all of them. I may have been a part of starting the MDXC, but it is all of you who have kept it going. The Social part of the Club has, and will, keep me a member as long as I live. Keep up the good work gang! All of you can say "A JOB WELL DONE" - Larry Lundberg

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