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Winter SW Country List by George Sherman

Summer SW Country List by George Sherman

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If you are interested in joining club that covers a specific topic click here.

MDXC Articles and Links


TVFM DXingRead George Sherman's article on FM/TV DXing.

Loop Antennas

Loop Articles

Here you can find information on loop antennas for the AM broadcast band. There is also links to MW antenna information.

Radio Clubs

Northland Antique Radio Club

NARCIf you are interested in old radios and live in Minnesota this club is for you.


The Association of North American Radio Clubs.

ANARCThis is the Club of radio Clubs.


Worldwide TV-FM DX Association

WTFDAIf you DX TV and FM this club is for you.


Longwave Club Of America

LCAThe LWCA is a club dedicated to the hobby of LW listening. They have information about the hobby. 


National Radio Club

NRCThe NRC is a MW DXing Club. There is a lot of information on the Medium wave listening hobby.



International Radio Club of America

The IRCA is another MW radio club. You can find information on the broadcast


Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiast

A*C*E This club is for the pirate radio hobbyist. You will find information and logs about what is being heard.

North American Shortwave Association

NASWAThis Club is for the Shortwave listener. Has searchable database of SW station around the World. Search by day or program content. Plus much more SW Information.


American Shortwave Listeners Club

The ASWLC is dedicated to the principal of WORLD FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SHORTWAVE

World Wide Utility News

WUNIf you are interested on decoding digital signals on the Shortwave this is just for you.



If you live in Manitoba Canada this is a DX club for you.

Medium Wave Circle

"Founded in 1955, the Medium Wave Circle is Europe's premier radio club specializing in all aspects of long and medium wave radio. We welcome members from around the world."    

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