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Activities of the Minnesota DX Club.

The Minnesota DX Club holds monthly meetings on the second Friday of the month. One of the meeting locations in the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting. The meeting has an informal format. We usually talk about radio first before the meeting starts with what ever topic is brought up. At some meeting we do have a topic that we talk about. We then have the Round Robin where members talk about what they have been doing in radio. If there is time left at the end of the meeting there is another gab session about radio. 

The club also has a E-mail group that is open to members.

Besides the monthly meeting the Minnesota DX Club has many activities through out the year.

   Winter DXpedition


Winter DXpedition.jpg (29799 bytes)The Club holds a Winter DXpedition at Camp Omega by Morristown MN. It is held in February or March. This is a weekend event. This is primarily a  long wave, medium wave, and short wave event. We use beverage, long wire, and loop antennas. It is a good time to try other members equipment. Here a member is comparing a Lowe 225 to A Lowe 225 Europa. For a report on the 2000 Millennium DXpedition report click here.


   Summer DXpedition



Summer Dxpedition.jpg (37736 bytes)In the Summer the Club has a UHF/VHF DXpedition at Frontenac State Park by Red Wing Minnesota. It is located on a bluff 400 feet above the Mississippi River. He we primarily DX the FM, TV and UHF/VHF scanner bands. The NOAA weather radio stations from out of the state are also a specialty of some of the members. With the river and railroads nearby those bands are also monitored. 



    Summer Picnic


Picnic.jpg (39759 bytes)Each Summer the Club holds a picnic. This can be held at a members home or at various parks in the Twin Cities area. This is usually a social event but members are free to bring their radios for other members to try. The talk is usually radio and the day politics. We grill up burgers, bratwurst, dogs and have the all the other fixings of a picnic.


    Christmas Dinner



Christmas Dinner.jpg (32046 bytes)Every December the club hold a Christmas Dinner. This is usually held at one of the Old Country Buffets in the Twin Cities area. This is like a regular meeting only we take full advantage of the all you can eat spread that they provide.


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