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bulletLunki and Sika a comedy blog starring Lunki and Sika, two comedians on a Quest for Stardom!
bulletMyrtle Beach Comedy a portal for comedians and comedy clubs and in the Myrtle Beach area
bulletJeezem created as inspiration for people to laugh hard and live well
bulletRotten Dot Com An archive of disturbing illustrations. Warning it is disgusting. 
bulletICBE The International Center For Bathroom Etiquette.
bulletFark New that is out of the ordinary.
bulletTotally Absurd Inventions The funniest patents on the the planet.
bulletNames You Never Knew Existed A compilation of funny & weird names. 
bulletT.W.I.K.I.E.S. Find out the results of experiments done on them at the Rice U.
bulletBozo Criminal of the Day has daily stories of dumb crooks.
bulletDumb Laws Big Government Small Brains Dumb Laws
bulletClumsy Crooks Funny true stories of stupid criminals. the original. Beware of imitators. 
bulletColorado Comedy Club Colorado's Premier Comedy Website. Find out what funny their.
bulletLoony Lawsuits Has outrageous lawsuits that have been filed. 
bulletTwistedHumor Has many different E-mail newsletter for your enjoyment.
bulletRoadside America Your online guide to offbeat roadside attractions. 
bulletCartoonsdaily At Best of Humor you can get cartoons and jokes every day.
bulletPerpetual Bubble Wrap If you like to pop this is the site for you.
bulletThe Fart Line One web page dedicated to farting. Has an extensive list of links on farting.
bulletAtomic Films All sorts of short video clips. Download your clips here.
bulletJoe Cartoon Home of the Gerbil in a Microwave and a Frog in a Blender. My favorite comedy link. Even more funny cartoon humor.
bulletCamp Chaos Home of Spank the Monkey and more cartoon humor.
bulletComedy Central Online Here is the cable TV's Comedy Central web site.
bulletComedy Club Has a huge list of humor related links. Odd Strange and Irreverent news. 
bulletCyber Cheeze Has over 3000 joke and humor files. Also has the Joke of the day mailing list.
bulletFunny Pictures Another humor site that has a daily joke mailing list.
bulletHumor Database Has over 7925 jokes of your entertainment.
bulletTwisted Tunes Your favorite songs sung with funny lyrics. 
bulletThe Jokes On You Come up with a caption for cartoon.
bulletBad Fishing Jokes Here are some jokes to tell your buddies when the fish don't bite.
bulletLaughNet You can find all sorts of jokes sorted by category.
bulletSick Twisted Jokes Here's some off the wall humor for you.
bulletThe Onion Has a weekly page of humorous news stories.
bulletThe Daily Humorscope Your daily horoscope but funny.
bulletFunny Bone Has a humongous amount of jokes and three lists that you can join.
bullet A Joke a Day! Get a chuckle; get a giggle. Contribute and rate winners. They also have a joke E-mail list.
bulletJoke Email Has a mailing list you can join plus a whole lot of jokes.
bulletTop 10 Classic Internet Jokes of all times has real life funny lists.
bulletSouth Park Fans Is the definitive listing of South Park web sites.
bulletSouth Park Fun Finder Some of the things this site links to is games.
bulletBizarre News For strange news and events check this site out.
bulletWeird Links All sorts of strange stuff.
bulletInternet Anagram Server Type in a phrase and it will generate an anagram for you.   
bulletDVD Easter Eggs Find things that are hidden in your DVDs.

South Park ® is a registered trademark of Comedy Partners. These links are for your convenience.

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