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Here are some photographs that I took that I have digitally altered using Corel PhotoPaint 8, 9, or 10. I used a variety of the tools that Photo Paint provides. This is an excellent photo editing software at a great price. I have links to Corel related web sites on this page. I also have links to Adobe related sites.

For a larger view double click the images.

CA Lake.jpg (9322 bytes)Lode Hotel.jpg (46050 bytes)

Sunset.jpg (43972 bytes)Red Wing.jpg (44450 bytes)

Old Barn.jpg (26484 bytes) Chicago3.jpg (62923 bytes) Tree in CA.jpg (57576 bytes)

Minneapolis.jpg (46134 bytes) Crystal Court Minneapolis.jpg (69374 bytes)

Rock by Water.jpg (39813 bytes) Mall of America.jpg (82547 bytes)


These pictures my not be reproduced with out my written permission. If you would like to send an e-mail  please go to my E-mail Page.

Corel and Desktop Links

bulletCorel Photo-Paint Tutorials by Dr. David Mutch has some excellent tutorials.
bulletGraphics Unlimited Unleashed Has many tutorials on Corel Graphic products.
bullettypoasis Is a source for fonts. Has a lot of information on many different graphics programs.
bulletOberon Find out about scripts and Corel on this site.
bulletCorelUser This is the site for a magazine on Corel graphic products.
bulletCorel Magazine Here is another magazine Corel graphics.
bulletAnzal! Has a line of courseware for Corel Draw 5-9 and Ventura 5, 7, and 8.
bulletGrafX Has tutorials for Corel Draw users.
bulletCutting Edge F/X Is a program to add 100's of special effects to Photo-Paint. They have a demo for you to try.
bulletAdobe Find out about Adobe's many products for graphic design. You can also download Acrobat to view PDF files.
bulletDesktop Publishing and Prepress If you are getting started in DTP this site is for you.
bulletDesktop Publishing Has information for the beginner or working with a professional.   


Adobe Sites

bulletAdobe Photoshop Basics Has lesson to get you started in Photoshop..
bulletPS Workshop Has over 500 links to Photoshop tutorials
bulletmyJanee Another resource with a great list on Photoshop links.
bullet Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Try out the recent ones that Adobe has to offer.
bulletPhotoshop Guru For the intuitive Photoshop user.


If you have any Corel links that you would like added please go to my E-mail Page.

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