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8th Annual IBS East Coast

Radio and Webcasting Conference

              November 17, 2012 - Simmons College Boston



8:00 - Registration  - Coffee - Mingle


Welcome to the 8th Annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

 East Coast Conference!

All sessions are located on the 1st and 3rd floors of this building

Parking: Simmons College has a very strict parking policy. Attendees who park in the garage will receive a discount parking ticket. The maximum charge for parking would be $12 for the day and a credit card is needed for exit.

Please see Len Mailloux if you parked in the Simmons garage.



9:15 - 10:15 - Session Block #1


Creating Great Talk Radio - For the first time ever, Talk Radio is now the #1 format in the industry. Find out why it has become so popular, from veteran Talk Programmers Craig Schwalb, Program Director of WPRO, Providence and Scott Gibbons, Air Personality at WPLM - Plymouth. Learn what goes into making a good Talk product and get valuable tips on making your station's Talk programming even better.


Station Operations Bootcamp - Is your station new? Are you new to the station? Have no idea how it should all fit together? Learn the basics and some of the tricks for setting up and running a great operation. Review your management structure, evaluate your promotion efforts, and learn how to build a better sound and more. Get valuable ideas from three experienced pros, Larry Miller, long-time on-air personality and college station manager, Paul Lazarovich of WVBF Radio Boston and Wentworth Radio along with John Murphy, IBS Board member and faculty member at Eastern Conn. State University. They will give you valuable advice you can use to make your station better...starting now!


Hyper-Local Promotions - Winning in Your Own Back Yard  - Most of us stream our signals around the world but in our quest to expand our audiences, are we ignoring our own community?  Join Independent Music Producer Joe Viglione, host of television's "Visual Radio" - Julie Devereaux of WROR, Boston and Kimberly Jaeger of WZLX, Boston to explore the many local promotion opportunities within a market that many stations overlook.


Indecency/Obscenity  - The number of complaints to the FCC regarding over-the-air content has been growing steadily in the last few years. There are growing public and legislative pressures favoring tougher enforcement. The Commission has put new fine structures into place in recent years and the courts are battling over the "Fleeting Expletive" issue. Learn what the rules say about obscenity/indecency from 30-year FCC veteran Allen Myers (ret.).  And long time station owner and broadcaster Ed Perry. They will answer all your questions about what you can and cannot put on your airwaves.


Finding That First Job - Getting your foot in the door is never easy. Find out what the media industry looking for and how to get noticed out there. Join Lee Dickman and Mike Crawford of CBS Radio - Boston, Erica Moura of the Boston Herald and Alex Quintero of Univision Radio - New York to get answers to your questions and great ideas on how to position yourself for that most-important first job. Find out how to get noticed and get hired from these professionals who know the ropes.

10:30 - 11:30 - Session Block #2


Producing a Killer Show - Your show is only as good as your prep. Learn what goes into planning and structuring a great show. Veteran broadcasters Craig Schwalb, Program Director of WPRO - Providence, Alex Quintero, Content Manager of Univision Radio - New York and Scott Gibbons, On-Air Personality at WPLM - Plymouth will give you to tools you need to produce interesting, informative and entertaining radio.


Social Media & Your Station - Facebook - Twitter - Skype - Google Chat - They are everywhere and more and more people are using them. Learn how social media can enhance your station's reach and overall sound. Dr. E. Michael Harrington of Berklee College of Music - Boston, Erica Moura of the Boston Herald and Mike Crawford of CBS Radio will show you the promotional value of social media in today's media world.  Learn how to better incorporate social media into your operation and take it to the next level.


FCC Rules & Regulations - So what's this LPFM thing weÕve heard so much about? How do you get a license to broadcast? What is the FCC rule regarding? Learn about broadcast law and licensing from IBS Board member and 30-year FCC veteran Allen Myers (ret.), and veteran broadcaster and station owner Ed Perry of WATD - Marshfield, who will lead you through the maze of government regulation and answer your questions about licensing options, broadcast rules and dealing with the FCC.


Station Manager's Workshop - Running a college or high school station is most often the work of volunteers. As a manager, it is your job to staff and run the station, keeping the staff focused and motivated. Join three experienced commercial radio veterans and Faculty Advisors, Larry Miller, long-time manager of MassComm Radio, at Massachusetts Communications College - Boston, Paul Lazarovich from WVBF Radio and Wentworth Radio - Boston and IBS Board member John Murphy of Eastern Conn. State Univeristy for tips on how to better manage, train and recruit staff and operate your station as well as some hints on how to improve your own management skills.

Backpack Journalism - A Hands-On Workshop - The world of Journalism is changing at lightning speed. The way we gather and transmit information has been reinvented in the digital age and now eager, new backpackers who are changing the face of news gathering and reporting are challenging the traditional roles of journalism. Join Independent Film Producer and Webcaster Mark Wood along with film expert Prof. Judy Richland of Simmons College as you take to the streets of Boston to shoot, edit and post a short video.

This session is limited to the first 15 people. Sign up at Registration.

11:45 - Lunch


Noon - IBS Station Excellence Award - Working Lunch

Are you an award-winning radio station? FIND OUT TODAY!

Join us to learn about the IBS Broadcast Excellence Award self-inspection. We will show you how to assess your station and will present awards at the close of the conference to those stations qualifying for a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Microphone Award for Broadcast Excellence.

Help build support from your school administration - promote the station - cause excitement on your staff over a job well done! Be recognized for the quality of your product by the largest academic broadcast organization in America.

We'll hand out self-inspection forms and you can do the work right here so you can pick up your award today.


1:00 - 2:00 - Session Block #3


Music Royalties & Copyright Issues - Perhaps the most confusing issue facing academic broadcasters over the last few years has been royalties for music streaming. Join IBS Chief Operating Officer, Fritz Kass and Walter McDonough, founder of the Future of Music Coalition to separate myth from fact in this ongoing battle. What do we owe? When do we owe it? Who should we pay? What are we likely to pay in the future? Get answers to these questions and more.



Radio Engineering and Technology - No matter how good your content may be, your station is only as good as its sound. Fred Krampitts, Chief Engineer of Springfield Technical Community College and Ed Perry, owner of award-winning WATD - Marshfield will answer your questions on studio equipment, upgrades, maintenance, FCC compliance, and getting the most from your dollar when buying new equipment for your station.


Streaming & The New Radio - Streaming your station through cyberspace is not longer a novel idea. Thousands worldwide are doing it. But Internet radio is still in its infancy. This session with the professionals from the Backbone Networks and Steve Theo, President of Pirate Radio - Boston can fill you in on the latest streaming technologies and programming concepts that are making their mark in cyber-broadcasting. See what's on the cutting edge and how you can take advantage for your station...or your own future.


Building a Solid Sports Product - Most stations have limited staff, budgets and capabilities and good sports programming requires a major commitment. Or does it? Join James Stewart, Executive Producer of "Felger & Maz" on Boston's 98.5 The Sport Hub, to learn how you can produce great talk programming, interviews, features and more. Get tips you can use now from one of Boston's top broadcast sports professionals.


Web Design & Your Station - Your station's "Public Face" is on the Internet. What kind of image does your station's website present about you and your product? How can you give new life to your station's old website? How do you best incorporate your station's social networking into your web presence? Get answers and ideas on these questions and more from Sarah Dulaney, a 17-year veteran web designer and Senior User Interface Developer for Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, who will help you get noticed on-line!



2:15 - 3:15 - Session Block #3


Starting and Managing Your Own Record Label  - Into music? Want to work in the industry? Learn how to create a place for yourself or the acts you work with from successful music producer and founder of Varulven Records, Joe Viglione. Joe and his panel of music industry guests will give you the tips you need to make your mark and find your place in the music industry.


Future of Music - WhatÕs happening in the world of music and music royalties? How has the onset of web streaming, satellite, I-Pod, file sharing and other technologies and practices affected the music world? What is the relationship between the music industry and the broadcaster and what is that relationship likely to be in the future? Dr. E. Michael Harrington of Boston's Berklee College of Music and Walter McDonough, founder and Board member of The Future of Music Coalition will look at the very latest and future of music product, delivery and performance.


Underwriting and Fundraising - While there are a great many radio stations, none of them are free. It doesnÕt matter how big or small your broadcast operation may be, there are bills to pay and that requires sources of funding. IBS Board member John Murphy of Eastern Conn. State Univ. will help share successful underwriting campaigns and great ideas for bringing revenue into your station.


Marketing Online Without a Budget  - You don't have a budget, or much of one and you want to get the word out about your station. You can do it with the creative use of the Internet. Join independent web designer and Senior User Interface Developer for Bank of America, Sarah Dulaney to explore ways your station can enhance its image and listener base on a global scale.







Making Your Station an Academic Resource - This session looks at new ways to use your station. Join IBS Chairman and Simmons faculty member Len Mailloux to learn how campus radio is being used in unique ways such as: Virtual-Study-Abroad, a laboratory for courses throughout the college and a powerful voice for your administration. The session will look at new roles, uses and product for an old medium and help you make your station something your school will promote and support.




3:30 - IBS Broadcast Excellence Awards

We will present IBS Broadcast Excellence Awards to those stations that completed the self-inspection at the conference and take pictures you can use to publicize this accomplishment.