Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
68th Annual International College Radio and Webcasting Conference - NYC 2009!

This schedule is for use in your planning for IBS NYC 2010, on March 5 - 7-, 2010!

Join IBS on Thursday, March 5th, for a special live music performance featuring THE ROOTS, at the Highland Ballroom in NYC! 

The performance begins at 11:30 PM.  Tickets are limited.  More details coming soon!

Special late Thursday, March 5, 2009, IBS Student Radio Network
(IBS SRN) Affiliate Meeting for current and interested stations/webcasters! 
The Fantastic Folks at Backbone will be introducing their new iPHONE College Radio Tuner, and exciting new music and programming opportunities!  Come early! Learn Lots! Get to know other IBS Radio Student Network Affiliate Members.

The meeting will take place at the studios of IBS-SRN affiliate station WLIU-BK.  Group departure from the Hotel Pennsylvania lobby will be at 6:00 PM.


Friday, March 6th

10:30 AM - 7:00 PM


IBS Delegate and Speaker Check In – Badge Pick Up

Fabulous New York City Broadcasting Tours!  Sign up for tours of:

- The new studios of Q104.3, Power 105.1, Z100, Lite FM and 103.5 KTU (Clear Channel Radio)!
- The broadcast facilities atop the Empire State Building!
- The Paley Center for Media (Former Museum of Television and Radio)!
- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex!


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Room names are in parentheses: Zurich, Paris, London, Budapest, Board, Bombay

11:00-11:55 AM

IBS 2009 Kickoff: Extra Credit! One-on-One Station Advising!
Early conference attendees can sign up their stations for "early bird" advising sessions with a member of the IBS staff. These 15 minute sessions will allow for a brief discussion about any aspects of your station's operations, with an opportunity for post-conference follow-up.

IBS Staff

12:00-12:20 PM

Conference Overview (Paris)
As an “early bird” attendee, here is your opportunity to speak with members of the IBS Board and Staff about the conference program schedule.  As experienced “conference-goers,” your IBS colleagues can help your station and staff navigate the “ins and outs” of conference participation.

Norm Prusslin (Facilitator)

12:25-1:20 PM

An Audience with...Tom Moon (Author, "1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die") (Zurich)
Award-winning journalist, music critic, musician and author Tom Moon is the author of “1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die,” a compendium of peak musical experiences from all genres and every corner of the earth. Meant to spark curiosity about all forms and genre of music, the book draws upon Moon’s long career as a music critic and musician. Over the course of his career, Moon has interviewed such personalities as Beck, Madonna, Frank Zappa and Bruce Springsteen, has written for the Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, contributed to Rolling Stone, Spin and Vibe, and contributes to NPR’s All Things Considered. We are proud to welcome Tom to IBS 2009!

Tom Moon

The Status of the Local Newsroom (Paris) NEW SESSION!
What is the role of news—especially local news—in today’s radio programming mix?  What is the trend regarding the state of newsroom support across the country? Can college stations continue to serve as an outlet for news and information, and in return, provide true local service to campus and off-campus listeners?

Lisa Ritchie (Co-Facilitator)
Tim Scheld (Co-Facilitator)

Creating Award-Winning Production (London)
Now that you have learned the basics of radio production, it’s time to take your skills to the next level.  In this session you will learn how to take everyday material and turn it into award-winning production.  The session will include audio samples and discussion of integrating controversial content into public service announcements.

Shawn Novatt (Moderator) Jesse Yemma
Junico "Nico" Simino  

Radio Drama and Documentaries: A Hands-On Workshop (Budapest)
Join our talented group of panelists and learn how to use the resources of the college community to produce special, quality, and educational radio drama and documentary programs.  Enjoy a special radio drama tribute to the late Irwin Gonshak, of the Writers’ Guild of America East and longtime supporter of IBS.

Anita Michaels (Moderator) Dale Burley
Chad Bernhard Rob Hagen

Making the Magic: A Creativity Workshop (Board)
This annual session gets to the heart of what made radio unique and important to listeners in the first many years ago.  In this era of an ever-expanding media “pie” environment, radio, through the effective use of sound and imagination, remains the most magical of media.  Len Mailloux will charge your creative juices...long enough for you to return home to inject your energy and enthusiasm into the hearts and minds of your station colleagues.  Make the magic!

Len Mailloux (Facilitator)

The Role of College Radio During an Emergency Situation (Bombay)
In recent years, the college/university community and nation at large has witnessed tragedies unfold on the campuses of Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois Universities, as well as several “close calls” at other institutions.  During the time of a campus emergency, campus radio stations have a unique and important role to play in disseminating accurate news and information to students and the general public alike.  In this session, discuss strategies for your station to plan and be prepared for any emergency that may arise.

Isobel Breheny-Schafer (Moderator) Peg Watts-Cartwright
Mark Laiosa  

1:30-2:25 PM

The Future of Music and the Music Industry (Zurich)
The music industry is evolving, due to factors internal to the field, and from external pressures and influences.  Is there agreement as to what is meant by the “music industry” today?  What impact do new technology, audience taste and preference, artist creativity, and economics/business models have on defining the current and future music industry?  Our distinguished panel will help us sort through the myriad of important and challenging issues being faced by the industry today. 

Denis McNamara (Moderator) David Gwiazdowski Rich L'Hommedieu
Margo Drgos E. Michael Harrington Tom Moon
Alec Foege Mike Kornfeld Mel Phillips

The Seven Secrets of Show Prep: Revealed (Paris)
This fast moving & fun session taps talents of 3 experienced broadcasters with proven paths to cool content for every show PLUS how to learn from everyone else’s on-air performances!  Former air personality, talent coach and streaming expert Tom Zarecki joins Caroline Corley with her 2 years on-air at Sirius Satellite Radio and decades nationwide (while interviewing dozens of rock stars), and Kwame Dankwa, still in his 20’s yet currently holding FIVE part-time radio jobs means he has what employers need.  Tips & tricks, ideas & insight on WHAT to say and HOW to say it. 

Tom Zarecki (Moderator) Kwame Dankwa
Caroline Corley  

Staff Building, Recruitment and Training (London)
One of the challenges facing college/school radio stations is how to recruit and train new staff members.  Whether your station is student-only or is also open to non-students, getting and retaining dedicated staff and is important to its survival.  A good training program will help ensure that all the good work you’re doing at your station will be carried on.  In this panel, learn ways to recruit, teach and mentor new staff.

Isobel Breheny-Schafer (Moderator) Jenn de la Vega  
Natalie Camillo Chris Sampson  
Angela Criscoe Peg Watts-Cartwright  

HOT TOPIC: The Return of the Fairness Doctrine? (Budapest) NEW SESSION!
In recent months, and with a new administration taking over in Washington, talk has been heating up about the potential return of the Fairness Doctrine, which would require licensed radio stations to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that is honest, equitable, and balanced.  This, along with the “Equal Time” rule, was FCC policy until 1987.  Our panelists will discuss the likelihood of the Fairness Doctrine becoming law again, and what the implications will be for radio stations and broadcasters.

John Murphy (Moderator) Allen Myers
Laura Deen Johnson  

Why Media Policy Matters to Media Makers: An Audience with Free Press (Board)  NEW SESSION!
Do you know that there are several important battles raging in Washington, DC right now that will determine the future of our radio stations, our airwaves and our Internet? Media makers need to understand media policy and how it impacts the ways we communicate and our work in broadcasting. In this session, we’ll look at the issues coming up in Congress and the FCC, find some good sources of media news, and listen to real examples of how policy wonkiness is transformed into compelling news.

Stevie Converse (Facilitator)

Broadcast Writing Workshop (Board)
It is said that great radio programming starts and ends with great writing.  This session will focus on tried and true methods of writing for radio, along with newly developed tips and techniques that will help your station’s air sound stand out from your “competitors” on the dial.  This session will also teach your staff skills that can be used “post-college,” within or beyond the broadcast industry.

Len Mailloux (Co-Facilitator)  
Lisa Ritchie (Co-Facilitator)  

2:30 PM

Tour the Paley Center for Media!  NEW ADDITION!

The Paley Center for Media, formerly The Museum of Television & Radio, is a cultural institution dedicated to the discussion of the cultural, creative and social significance of television, radio and emerging platforms for the professional community and media-interested public.  At the Paley Center, you can enjoy archives, footage and exhibits of broadcasting’s past, present and future, including two full-sized theaters. More than 120,000 television shows, commercials and radio programs are available in the Paley Center's library, and during each visit, viewers can select and watch, at individual consoles, shows totaling an hour in length. Radio programs are accessed through these same consoles.  Additionally, those attending the tour will have the opportunity to enjoy "What's Happening! The Beatles in the USA," a special video tribute to the Beatles' first visit to the USA, featuring footage of their historic arrival at JFK airport and first US concert!
Registration for the tour will be possible at the conference site, and is first-come, first serve!  Tour departure from the registration area.

2:40-3:35 PM

Music Licensing, Copyrights and Royalties (Zurich)
College radio stations must follow many of the same regulations and practices as do commercial radio stations when it comes to music licensing and copyright requirements.  Our IBS guest speaker experts will lead the discussion, provide background on the topic, and discuss the latest updates regarding royalty payments which all college and high school radio stations and webcasters should be aware of!

Fritz Kass (Moderator) Bruce Colfin Kim Jackson
Fred Benenson Mark Graham Asad Jaferi

Radio 2009: The State of the Medium (Paris)
Radio, as we know it, is in for major changes in the future.  New methods of delivering programming to listeners can bypass local stations.  HD and Satellite radio offer multiple channels and digital audio quality, and what about webcasting and cell phones?  Remember what FM did to AM?  This time, the changes will be greater and more rapid.  Where is it all going, and what will it mean for your station?

Chuck Platt (Moderator) Laura Deen Johnson Mel Phillips
Jeremy Coleman Denis McNamara Joe Rock
Alec Foege Allen Myers Tim Scheld

Station Relations with your Campus and Community (London)
A station license requires you to serve your community.  If your school/college is the licensee, they are ultimately responsible for its operation and programming.  What lines of communication exist between the station and the administration?  How can you create understanding and support before a crisis?  How can you build a stronger, long-lasting relationship with your campus and off-campus communities and the listeners at large?

John Murphy (Moderator) Evan Johnson Cedric Watson
Isobel Breheny-Schafer Vincent Quatroche  
Tess Cooper Ben Shaiken  

Public Affairs Programming and your Station (Budapest)
From local productions to nationally syndicated shows, college and school stations are producing and carrying a diverse array of excellent information-oriented programs.  Our panel of producers will review opportunities available to radio stations for successful news/public affairs programming efforts.

David North (Moderator) Bruce Alan Martin  
Doug Echols Bill McNulty  
Sara Fusco Peg Watts-Cartwright  

HD Radio and your Station (Board)
Just what is HD (High Definition) radio?  This new digital broadcasting technology promises great improvements in sound quality, as well as the possibility of broadcasting additional stations on the same frequency.  Learn more about the technology, and how your station can implement it.

Tom Gibson (Moderator) Jeff Smith
Tom Ray  

Harnessing Web 2.0 at your Station (Bombay) NEW SESSION!
The innovations of web 2.0 and the open source movement provide new and exciting opportunities for radio stations and programmers to promote themselves and their work.  From setting up a blog or RSS feed for your station, distributing your podcast, or increasing your website’s interactivity, this session will give you the tools and knowledge you need to embrace the powers of this new technology.

Shawn Novatt (Moderator) Alvin Clay
Andrew Budd Eric doormouse Peltier

3:50 – 4:45 PM

Using CMJ to Improve your Station (Zurich)
The CMJ Network connects music loves with the best in new music through print, interactive media and events., CMJ Music Monthly, CMJ New Music Report/Alert, CMJ Events and the CMJ Directory are only some of the services that the CMJ Network provides to the music and the college radio communities.  This session is an opportunity for you to meet and speak with CMJ representatives!

Lisa Hresko (Facilitator)

An Audience with…Jonathan Clarke, Marc “The Cope” Coppola, and Maria Milito of Q104.3 (Paris)
Q104.3 is the most listened to classic rock radio station in America, boasting a “who’s-who” of acclaimed broadcasters, including Marc Coppola (Saturday evenings from 7 PM – midnight), Maria Milito (weekdays from 9 AM to 2 PM) and Jonathan Clarke (Sunday evenings from 7-10 PM).  Join them as they share their experiences as longtime radio personalities, discuss the state of classic rock and classic rock radio today, and focus on what makes for great on-air announcing and voiceover skills!

Marc Coppola Maria Milito
Jonathan Clarke  

FCC Rules YOU Need to Know (London)
Join communications analyst Allen Myers as he discusses FCC regulations as they pertain to the licensing and operation of your college/school radio station, and answers your questions.  1st of 2 sessions.

Allen Myers (Facilitator)

Community & LPFM Radio in 2009 (Budapest)
In this era of consolidation and mega-mergers in media, college radio and community radio, in the broadest sense of identity, is more critical to our lives as intelligent listeners than ever before.  The efforts of many of the national, regional and local community and LPFM radio stations and organizations will be discussed at this timely panel.

Bill McNulty (Moderator) Andy Gunn Ursula Ruedenberg
Delphine Blue Andalusia Knoll  
Emmanuel Goldstein Anthony Riddle  

College Radio Station Managers (Board)
At the local college station, the “buck stops here!”  There is no equivalent student organization leadership experience on campus similar to that of serving as a station manager.  This session serves as an opportunity for managers to discuss the myriad of issues facing college radio operations today.

Isobel Breheny-Schafer (Moderator) Lauren Dalton Ben Shaiken
Jim Blanchard Danielle Paperno Peg Watts-Cartwright
Bayley Brown Vincent Quatroche  

Everything you wanted to know about…Satellite Radio (Bombay)
Representatives from Sirius XM will present an overview of this evolving service.  Find out what they have to offer their listeners and what impact the recent merger of Sirius and XM might have on your station and the community of radio listeners.

Jeremy Coleman (Moderator) John Chou
Steve Blatter  

5:00 – 5:55 PM

Radio and Record Company Relations (Zurich)
This annual conference highlight session focuses on ways for college radio stations and record companies to establish productive working relationships.  IBS welcomes many of the nation’s leading record company representatives to this panel.  1st of 2 sessions.

Suzanne McGillicuddy (Moderator) Natalie Camillo Sean Holloran
Scott Barkham Mark Carpentieri Robby Morris
Sterling Berliant Mike Eaton Rew Starr
Paul Burgess Guy Eckstine  

Dance Music: When Commercial is NOT Commercial (Paris) NEW SESSION!
Wildly popular around the world, dance music’s popularity continues to grow in the United States as well.  Join some of the most recognizable names in dance music, including Lucas Prata and DJ Chris the Greek, for an exciting discussion about their careers and experiences in dance music, the current state of the dance music genre, and the efforts to increase the visibility of this genre.

Brett Holcomb (Moderator) Lucas Prata Chris "The Greek" Panaghi
Kris Henderson John Parker Cary Vance
George Hess Mike Rizzo  
Jeannie Hopper Tony Santiago  

Social Networking and College Radio (London)
College and school stations are finding creative ways to integrate Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, imeem, and other social networking websites into their programming, marketing and outreach efforts.  Share your experiences!

John Rosenfelder (Moderator) Eric Gottlieb Jeremy Swiger
Leo Borovskiy Evan Johnson Jennifer Waits
Trudi Schifter Eric doormouse Peltier  

Radio Revamped: How Radio Can Embrace Digital by Working with New Media Businesses (Budapest) NEW SESSION!
Digital media has affected all areas of entertainment, including radio.  Given the state of the industry, radio is on the brink of revolutionizing the traditional listener experience by embracing new media including video, podcasts, HD formats and direct to consumer sales.  In this discussion, featuring panelists from Uncensored Interview, Musebin, Amie Street and NY:MIEG, we explore how radio can partner with new digital businesses and recapture the full entertainment experience for music listeners. 

Bill Sobel (Moderator) Greg Galant Scott Robbin
Marisa Bangash Lucas Hrabovsky  

Building your News and Information Image (Board)
How do you cover news in your community?  How does it get written and delivered on air?  Do you use locally-gathered sound in your newscasts, and if so, how does it fit in with your news copy?  Who reads your newscasts...the person who writes them, or an announcer?  Learn ways to integrate local news into your programming.

Lisa Ritchie (Moderator) Sean Caldwell
Amy Andrieux David North

The Role of Faculty Advisers (Bombay)
A good faculty adviser can be an important asset to any school/college radio station.  Join our experienced panel to review what role an adviser should play in serving the station, students, and the institution.

Chuck Platt (Moderator) David J. Fabilli Laura Deen Johnson
Isobel Breheny-Schafer Robert Herklotz John Murphy

6:10 PM

Tour the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex!

The newly opened Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC is an engaging and dynamic music experience that takes you on a journey through the defining moments in Rock history. Step into this epic journey and connect with the legendary artists that changed our world.  Features include: the Hall of Fame Gallery, which pays tribute to each and every artist inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; The Power and the Glory, where you can view never-before-seen footage of Rock’s most historic moments, including The Beatles at Shea Stadium and Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock; Roots & Influences, which maps the roots and influences of today’s most popular musicians; Moments to Movements, highlighting the turning points in the history of Rock & Roll; New York Rocks, a special gallery featuring New York Rock & Roll history; and the Rock Annex’s special exhibit, Revolution Rock: The Story of The Clash, tracing the history of the band and how the band’s politicized lyrics, musical experimentation, and rebellious attitude have helped shape rock history.  This tour will guide you through all of the exhibits above, and will include a special Rock & Roll Hall of Fame q&a at the end!
Registration for the tour will be possible at the conference site, and is first-come, first serve! 
Tour departure from the registration area.

6:10 – 7:05 PM

Radio and Record Company Relations (Zurich)
This annual conference highlight session focuses on ways for college radio stations and record companies to establish productive working relationships.  IBS welcomes many of the nation’s leading record company representatives to this panel.  2nd of 2 sessions.

Suzanne McGillicuddy (Moderator) Mark Carpentieri Jen Marmor
Stevie B Mike Eaton Hector Montes
Scott Barkham Guy Eckstine Caleb Shively
Sterling Berliant Sean Holloran  

Podcasting: A Creative Overview (Paris)
This session will acquaint you with this rapidly developing technology and concept, and discuss ways in which your station can conceptualize, produce, program and promote podcasting and integrate it into your radio station’s programming and publicity efforts. 

Richard Arfin (Moderator) Rew Starr Anthony Zaragoza
Andrew Budd Mark Wood  

Publicity, Marketing and Promotions (London)
The radio industry today is more dependent on creative and skilled promotions, publicity and marketing staff than ever before.  In this session, panelists from both college radio stations and the professional workplace will help you plan to position your station for maximum success and listenership.

Rich Koch (Moderator) Mike Kornfeld  
Jeff Benvenuti Shawn Novatt  
Eric de Fontenay Mike Smylie  

Station Finances: How Do We Get More Money? (Budapest) NEW SESSION!
During difficult economic times, non-commercial and college stations face increased difficulties in raising money and meeting their fundraising goals.  This session provides an overview on what college radio stations can do to raise more money, and how to operate on a shoestring budget.

John Murphy (Moderator) Chris Thomas
Ben Shaiken  

Engineering for Non-Engineers (Board)
You’re holding down the late-night shift and suddenly you are off-the-air...or you are out in the field on a remote broadcast, and your link to the studio goes dead.  This “beginner” session will help to demystify terminology of the “techie” world and help all staff gain a better understanding of radio engineering and technology.

Tom Gibson (Moderator) Jeff Smith
Tom Ray  

Political & Election Coverage and College Radio (Bombay) NEW SESSION!
College and non-commercial radio plays an important role in providing an outlet to multiple voices and sources of information that may not be found elsewhere on the dial.  One of the ways in which this is accomplished is through political and election coverage.  This panel will discuss how to most effectively incorporate coverage of political issues or electoral races into your station’s programming, as well as tips, tricks and advice for interviewing elected officials or candidates for office.

Michael Nevradakis (Moderator) Bruce Alan Martin Alexandra Zimmermann
Sean Caldwell Bill McNulty  

7:20 – 8:15 PM

Musicians Showcase: An Audience with the Bands, Part I (Zurich) NEW ADDITION!
IBS is proud to welcome some of today’s hottest young bands, artists and musicians for a panel discussion dedicated solely to them and their work.  Spanning many genres and styles of music, this is your chance to learn about their music, careers and much more!  1st of 2 sessions.

Jill Morrison (Co-Moderator) Lion of Ido Swear On Your Life
Patrice Zapiti (Co-Moderator) Ian Lloyd The Bride Wore Black
Larry Brittain (Brewflies) Mother F'Nature Alex Tween (The Forms)
Eljuri RewBee Tuff Lion
John Ford Social Hero  

An Audience with…the staff of Democracy Now! (Paris)
As fewer and fewer corporations gain control of the media in the United States and beyond, the importance of independent media as outlets for discussing diverse views becomes ever more vital.  Democracy Now! airs on hundreds of radio and television stations in the U.S., including non-commercial and college stations.

Clara Ibarra Danny Valdes
Yaniv Kleinman Tasia VanderVegt

Is it appropriate? Indecency and Obscenity in Today’s Radio Landscape (London)
After the well-publicized Janet Jackson and Don Imus incidents, the issues of indecent and obscene material on the airwaves have become more prevalent than ever.  With no “clear line” rule as to what is and what isn’t acceptable, stations often rely on precedent and their own discretion to avoid risking a hefty fine.  Join our panel for a discussion of how to balance your programming needs with FCC policy.

Eleanor Lackman (Moderator) Evan Johnson
Mark Akner Chris Sampson

Beyond Radio: Utilizing New Technology to Become a Media Content Provider (Budapest)  NEW SESSION!
This session will provide an overview of new innovations in the world of technology and telecommunications.  Our panel of experts in the field will discuss ways in which college radio stations and programmers can best utilize the range of technological options available to them to become more than just a radio station, but a media content provider.

Denis McNamara (Moderator) Andrew Budd Eric de Fontenay
Leo Borovskiy Alvin Clay Eric doormouse Peltier

Equipment Purchasing Decisions (Board)
Station budgets are tight.  How can you plan for and choose from the various equipment options and offerings that are available?  This session will help you set purchasing priorities for your station.

Tom Gibson (Moderator) Jeff Smith
Tom Ray  

High School Radio Workshop (Bombay)
This session focuses on the many pertinent issues and challenges facing high school radio stations today, including programming, management, engineering, staffing and more!  Your panelists are experienced in both the academic and professional broadcast environments.  If you are a high school student or station adviser...this session is for you!

Chris Thomas (Moderator) David North Shawn Novatt
Richard Hill Jared Lasky  

8:20 – 9:15 PM

Meet-and-Greet with Today’s Hottest Bands and Artists (Zurich)
This is YOUR opportunity to meet, mingle, interact and network one-on-one with some of today’s hottest young bands, artists and musicians, spanning a variety of genres and styles of music, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.  1st of 2 meet-and-greets.

Meet-and-Greet with the Record Labels and Promoters (Paris) NEW SESSION!
This is YOUR opportunity to meet, mingle, interact and network one-on-one with representatives from numerous major and indie record labels, music promoters and other personalities from the music industry, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Reggae: A Musical Genre and a Soundtrack for Action (London)
Reggaeton, Dancehall, Rockers, Dub.  Mix in a dash of politics, culture and a panel of experts, and you have a session that “takes it to the streets.”  Join this discussion with experienced reggae music programmers and learn more about the issues and challenges facing this genre today.

Lister Hewan-Lowe (Moderator) Mark Jacobson Frank Trutt
Lea Boss Garland Jeffreys Tuff Lion
Vivian Goldman Pat McKay  
Randall Grass Roger Smith  

Scheduling Marathon Programming (Budapest) NEW SESSION!
One of the notable programming features of many college radio stations are special “marathon” programs and features.  Often aired in conjunction with station fundraisers and radiothons, marathons are a great way for your station to gain publicity, produce creative and unique programming, and potentially raise money.  Join our panel of seasoned programmers for a session discussing the practicalities of scheduling and airing marathon broadcasts and ideas for special music and spoken word marathons for your station.

Chris Thomas (Moderator) Kayla Seybert
Andy Boyd  

IBS Student Radio Network by Backbone (IBS SRN): Information Session (Bombay)
Join the discussion as IBS staff discusses the IBS Digital Radio Network, an exciting new service brought to you in conjunction with Backbone, using its advanced client-server radio software to enable school/college stations to syndicate live and produced radio programming among member stations, and to access a vast amount of royalty-free programming from numerous worldwide resources.  1st of 2 sessions.

George Capalbo Paul Kamp
Rich Cerny Len Mailloux

Youth Radio: Reaching Out to the Youngest Listeners (Board) NEW SESSION!
Far from being exclusively an "adult" domain, radio is a medium which has the potential to captivate audiences of all ages. From assisting children and young adults to demonstrate their talents and skills to a radio audience for the first time, to providing programming specifically tailored to the youngest listeners among us, this panel explores the many ways in which you can work with the next generation of radio listeners (and programmers!). Panelists will include media instructors who have produced youth radio for local and community broadcast radio, as well as producers of music and programming for younger listeners.

Richard Hill (Moderator)
Pat Gesualdo
Mike Soloway

Saturday, March 7th

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


IBS Delegate and Speaker Check In – Badge Pick Up

Sign up for tours of the new studios of Q104.3, Power 105.1 and Z100, and of the broadcast facilities atop the Empire State Building!
Sign up for YOUR shift on our exclusive IBS webcast, WIBS, and be heard around the world, live from New York City!

9:30 AM

Tour the Broadcast Facilities atop the Empire State Building, and Enjoy a Spectacular View of New York City!

Join Jeff Smith, Chief Engineer of WWPR/Power 105.1 in New York City, on a tour of the radio/TV broadcast facilities at the top of the world-famous Empire State Building, and enjoy a spectacular view of the city from above as well!  The tour will take place on Saturday, March 7th, with departure from the hotel at 9:30 am for the short walk over to the Empire State Building.  The tour will last approximately 50 minutes. 
Registration for the tour will be possible at the conference site, and is first-come, first serve! 
Tour departure from the registration area.

9:30 – 10:25 AM

Radio on the Tube?  Working with Public Access and College TV Stations (Zurich)
More and more radio stations are finding diverse mediums of delivering and complementing their programming, in addition to just radio.  From public access television shows to working with your campus TV station, there are many options for your station to start producing great television as well as radio!

Leo Borovskiy (Moderator) Peg Watts-Cartwright
Jesse Colaizzi  

Morning Show Production and Preparation (Paris)
A high energy, well-produced and fast-moving morning show is the key to success for most commercial radio stations.  In this session, college stations can learn many of the tricks of the trade.

Shawn Novatt (Co-Facilitator)
Lisa Ritchie (Co-Facilitator)

Audio Theatre as a Springboard to Creative Audio Production (London) NEW SESSION!
Join some award-winning radio drama, arts and audio theater program producers to learn how to maximize the wealth of possibilities within the audio medium, whether delivered by traditional radio broadcasting or via other delivery methods and streams.  They will share examples of their work and engage you to think “out of the box”…creative radio without limits!

Sue Zizza (Moderator) Lucien Dodge
Jerome Coopersmith Dave Shinn

FCC Rules YOU Need to Know (Budapest)
Join communications analyst Allen Myers as he discusses FCC regulations as they pertain to the licensing and operation of your college/school radio station, and answers your questions.  2nd of 2 sessions.

Allen Myers (Facilitator)

Voice Workshop (Board)
When you are on the air, your voice and presentation are your "calling cards."  You may have the most amazing music to program, or the timeliest topics to discuss, but, if you cannot communicate effectively, your hard work and best intentions are for naught.  Vocal hygiene, management, and awareness will be discussed as well as announcing tips to consider prior to, during, and following your radio show.

Mary Anne Devine (Facilitator)

Community College Station Workshop (Board)
Here is your opportunity to discuss the challenges of operating a college radio station at a two-year campus.

Rob Herklotz (Co-Facilitator)
Chuck Platt (Co-Facilitator)

10:35 – 11:30 AM

The Future of Radio: An Audience with Holland Cooke and Michael Harrison (Zurich) NEW SESSION!
Right now, we are witnessing no-less-than a societal migration from broadcast to broadband consumption of information and entertainment content. Is radio “a mature industry?” No question! But would you rather be a newspaper? Or a record label? When it comes to multi-platform publishing, radio has a unique and measurable advantage over all other “old media.” In this session, we will explore where radio is today and where the industry is headed in the future. Holland Cooke is News/Talk consultant for McVay Media, radio's largest program consulting firm. Previously, he was VP of a new media unit at USA Today; and he managed WTOP/Washington. Michael Harrison is publisher of “Talkers Magazine,” the bible of talk radio and new talk media and one of the leading industry publications in the country. IBS is proud to welcome Holland and Michael to this year’s conference!

Holland Cooke
Michael Harrison

Independent Labels and your Station (Paris)
What is an independent label in the year 2009?  How does your station interact with label representatives, artists and bands?  What roles are the new delivery systems for music playing for the future of independent music worldwide?  Here is your chance to discuss these pertinent issues with representatives from independent record labels.

Rick Eberle (Moderator) Jenn de la Vega Scott Kuchler
JP Blues Peter Field Rew Starr
Ashley Davis Sean Holloran Steven Velardo

Improve your Storytelling through Sound Design (London)
Effective audio storytelling uses “all of the medium.”  This session will discuss how to use the sound design elements of voice, sound effects and music to enhance your scripts.

Sue Zizza (Moderator) Dave Shinn
Lucien Dodge  

Conducting a Great Interview (Budapest) NEW SESSION!
The art of a great interview is as timeless as the medium of radio itself, one which is particularly engaging for the listener.  Learn how to secure interviews with notable personalities, effectively prepare for an interview, how to ask the right questions, and how to improve your on-air presentation with our panel of experienced radio programmers and interviewers.

John Ottaviano (Moderator) Leonard Lopate Peg Watts-Cartwright
Sara Fusco Matt Mankiewich  
Vic Fusco Mort Mecklosky  

Researching and Building your Listener Base: An Audience with the RRC (Board)
Far from being the exclusive domain of commercial radio stations, radio ratings and audience data can help college and non-commercial stations learn who their programming is...and isn't...reaching.  Learn more about how ratings are measured, audience research is performed, and for tips on how to expand your audience.  Additionally, learn about the new “People Meter” (PPM) technology, what it means for how non-commercial radio stations are measured in the ratings, and how your station can implement this new technology.

Dave Sullivan (Facilitator)

Classical Music and Creativity (Bombay)
Beethoven for brainiacs...and more!  Classical music still has a home on college stations throughout the country.  Find out how programmers are mixing traditional and contemporary classical pieces in formats that are certainly NOT the stereotype of your “parents’ classical music!”

Jeff James (Co-Facilitator)
Mark Laiosa (Co-Facilitator)

11:30 AM

Tour the New Studios of Q104.3, Power 105, Z100, Lite FM and 103.5 KTU (Clear Channel Radio)!

Join Jeff Smith, Chief Engineer of WWPR/Power 105.1 in New York City, on a tour of the brand-new studio facilities of Clear Channel radio stations Power 105.1, Q104.3, Z100, Lite FM and 103.5 KTU in Tribeca.  The tour will take place on Saturday, March 7th, with departure from the hotel at 11:30 am.  The tour will last approximately 45 minutes.  
Registration for the tour will be possible at the conference site, and is first-come, first serve! 
Tour departure from the registration area.

11:45 AM – 12:40 PM

Featuring the Local Music Scene on Your Station (Zurich)
This session will focus on the symbiotic relationship between college stations and the music scene in your community, and how to promote the local scene through your on-air and programming efforts.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to welcome musicians and artists who understand the role that college radio plays in the music community.

Rick Eberle (Moderator) Peter Field Jeremy Swiger
Alvin Clay Rich L'Hommedieu George Capalbo
Mike Ferrari Phil Minissale  

An Audience with the Pros: On-Air Personalities Roundtable (Paris)
Join this panel of distinguished and experienced radio personalities for a discussion on their careers as professional broadcasters and on-air personalities, their views on the radio/broadcasting industry, and their advice as to how to pursue and jump-start YOUR broadcasting career.

Lisa Ritchie (Moderator) Jack Kratoville Ruby Tuesday
Delphine Blue Jerry Schaefer  
Chris Booker Race Taylor  

Special Events, Programs and Projects for your Station (London)
Nowadays, many college radio stations are more than just broadcast operations.  Many program and collaborate on concert production and presentation, others interact regularly with local music associations and organizations, still others release their own CD’s, while others have expanded their efforts to produce magazines or TV programs.  Our panel of industry professionals will suggest ways that your station can become a “full service” music and entertainment provider for your campus and local community.

Mary Anne Devine (Moderator) Evan Johnson
Jim Faith  

Around the World in 60 Minutes: Global and International Music (Budapest)
In recent years, college and community stations have been presenting increasing amounts of music from all over the world.  What was once music earmarked for “specialty show” status is now a staple of college radio programming.  Our panel of radio programmers, artists and singers-songwriters will take you on a whirlwind tour of the musical universe.

Richard Segan (Moderator) Eljuri Patrick O'Conner
Charles Blass Angela Hoffstuler Tuff Lion
Ashley Davis Jeff James  

Carrier Current, Cable FM and Other Alternatives to Licensed FM Broadcasting (Board)
Can’t get a non-commercial FM frequency in your town or city for your school/college station?  Learn about alternative methods of delivering your station’s audio and programming to your target audience.

Tom Gibson (Moderator) Tom Ray Marko Srdanovic
Frank Burgert Ed Schwartz  

Science Reporting on the Radio (Bombay) NEW SESSION!
Coverage of scientific issues on the radio is becoming increasingly popular, spurred on by the success of such programs as “Science Friday.”  Whether you are reporting on health care issues, global warming, weather, natural disasters, or other scientific discoveries or phenomena, effective and creative scientific reporting can engage the listener and expand their minds.  Join our panel of seasoned science programmers for a discussion about this fascinating topic.

Dustin Herlich (Moderator) Rohan Perera
Lisa Busch  

12:45 – 1:15 PM


An Audience with...Chris Booker of 92.3 K-Rock! (Zurich)
Chris Booker's broadcasting career began at WOMP Wheeling, while attending West Liberty State College.  After on-air stints in Myrtle Beach, Kansas City and Pittsburgh, Booker was hired to do evenings on 92.3 K-Rock in NYC in 1996.  Since then, his career has branched out into television, first as a VJ on MTV2, then as a reporter for "Entertainment Tonight," VH1, and finally as the host of "Whats on DVD?" on the TV Guide Channel.  After his original job at K-Rock, Booker moved on to do mornings at Blink 102.7 in NYC, before returning to host "The Booker Show" on K-Rock and, later, Free FM.  After briefly leaving NYC for Philadelphia in 2006 to host Q102's morning show, Booker returned to NYC and afternoons on K-Rock in 2008, while continuing his appearances on TV.  We are excited to welcome Booker to IBS 2009!

Chris Booker

Student Media Leadership Workshop (Paris) NEW SESSION!
Being a club/organization officer, editor, director or manager involves more than being able to achieve goals set for yourself - you need to set goals for your whole organization.  Here are some tips for effectively leading your media organization to achieve its goals, and how you can go from being one of the staff to leading your organization.

Isobel Breheny-Schafer (Facilitator)

BeGreenRadio: An Introduction (London) NEW SESSION!
Along the lines of science radio, the concept of “green-centric” radio is being explored. This session will introduce you to a non-for-profit organization called “BeGreenRadio,” whose goal as is to share information and news about being green. With a new administration in Washington, the United States is making a commitment to take a leading role in the fight to reduce global warming. The public needs to know what the goals are locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.  Radio, especially non-commercial radio, is poised to play a big part in making sense of and disseminating the immense amount of green information out there. is hoping to launch a syndicated sixty second radio series later this year. Its success will relay on the eyes and ears of outside participants like you. In this session, we seek to gauge the interest of IBS member stations and radio individuals in participating in this timely production.

Frank Burgert (Facilitator)

Free Networking Session (Budapest)
Here is your opportunity to “hook up” and meet with your colleagues from other stations.  No moderators, no facilitators, just a chance to network, or to get contact information from friends you’ve made during the conference weekend, and, perhaps, to make plans with new colleagues for your night out.

Résumé Tips, Tricks and Advice (Board) NEW SESSION!
Here is your opportunity to network and get to know representatives from radio stations, broadcasters, record labels, promoters and others, who will outline important tips, tricks and advice for creating an effective resume, preparing for a job interview, and making a great first impression to prospective employers. 

Steve Krakauer
Lisa Ritchie
Bob Taylor

IBS Aircheck and Station Critiques (Bombay) NEW SESSION!
Have an aircheck?  Here is YOUR opportunity to have some of the most experienced radio programmers in the industry review your aircheck and to share with you advice, suggestions, and constructive criticism about your on-air work.

Len Mailloux

1:20 – 2:15 PM

Careers in Broadcasting and Media (Zurich)
The options for careers in communications extend well beyond the broadcast industry itself.  This session will explore and discuss careers in traditional broadcasting/media environments, as well as in some of these career alternatives, particularly in light of developing technology and the changing regulatory climate.

Bob Taylor (Moderator) Steve Krakauer Ned Steele
Ed Berenhaus Andrea Lebedinski Mark Wood
Leo Borovskiy Lisa Ritchie  
Nick Brewer Jeff Smith  

An Audience with...Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers Band (Paris) NEW SESSION!
A bass master of jam band-style funk, rock, blues, jazz, and everything in between. Burbridge first emerged as a founding member of Aquarium Rescue Unit, a group that recorded their first album in the early '90s. In 1997, he replaced bassist Allen Woody in the Allman Brothers Band. Burbridge has also contributed to recordings by Gregg Allman, Victor Wooten, Trey Anastasio and Jon Fishman of Phish, T. Lavitz of the Dixie Dregs, Soulive and drummer Steve Smith to name a few.  In addition to touring with the Allman Brothers Band, Oteil has formed his own band, "Oteil and the Believers," which has released three albums since its debut in 2000.  IBS is excited to welcome Oteil to Conference '09!

Oteil Burbridge
Norm Prusslin (Facilitator)

You Have a Website…Now What? Station Web Design & Content Workshop (London)
Today, a radio station’s online presence is just as vital as its on-air presence.  Developing an informative, attractive and easy-to-navigate website will attract more listeners to your station, and allows stations to supplement their on-air sound.  If your station has a great website that draws listeners 24/7, or you are investigating the various ways to get your site up-and-running, you should not miss this workshop!

Shawn Novatt (Moderator) Jack Kratoville Anthony Zaragoza
Alvin Clay Halley Miller  

College Radio Station Program Directors (Budapest)
The college station program director has to be a multi-talented to coordinate and operationalize a working program schedule while dealing with the day-to-day demands of staff issues and listener requests and expectations.  At stations with a professional or faculty General Manager, the program director is oftentimes the highest-ranking student “officer,” leading to a myriad of other pressures and demands.  This session is your opportunity as a program director, or as an incoming PD for next year, to discuss issues with your peers.

Ben Shaiken (Moderator) Angelo Cannella Chris Sampson
Natalie Camillo Gabz Ciofani  

Creating Powerful Radio: An Audience with…Valerie Geller (Board) NEW SESSION!
Valerie Geller's work is based on three things: 1. Tell the truth; 2. Make it Matter; 3. Never BE BORING!  Learn proven methods used by top stations, to get, keep and grow your audience, using the creating powerful techniques, to insure your content is unique, compelling and entertains, informs, inspires, persuades and engages your listeners!

Valerie Geller

Commercials and Advertising: Strategies and Solutions (Board)
This session will discuss how to find advertisers, how to get their money, and the steps to retain their business year after year.  Topics such as setting rates, producing spots and career opportunities in radio sales and management are some of the ideas covered in this session.

Roy Zeidman (Facilitator)

2:30 – 3:25 PM

An Audience with…Broadway Bill Lee of WCBS-FM (Zurich)
Broadway Bill Lee’s award-winning on-air career spans four decades, starting in Hartford in 1972 and moving on to stations in San Francisco, Minneapolis and Denver before coming to the Big Apple.  Today, Broadway anchors afternoon drive and Saturday middays on WCBS-FM in NYC, and hosts mornings for on “Fifties on Five” on Sirius XM Radio.  IBS is pleased to welcome Broadway Bill Lee back to Conference ‘09.

Broadway Bill Lee

Streaming, Webcasting and Archiving Workshop (Paris)
More and more radio stations are streaming their programming online.  Additionally, many stations have begun new “internet-only” online streams, while others offer archived programs through their websites.  Many stations also now use computers to digitally store their music and production library.  This session provides ideas and tips on how to integrate webcasting and archiving into your station’s programming efforts.

Ken Freedman (Moderator) Denis McNamara Mark Wood
Trudi Schifter Shawn Novatt Anthony Zaragoza
Andrew Budd Ken Tankel George Capalbo

Academic Planning for Media Career Choices (London)
How do you identify and develop academic opportunities to prepare for media careers while you are still in college?  How do internship programs work and how do you get to do real work and not just run errands?  This session will give you valuable tips and suggestions for landing a great internship and bolstering your media-related academic credentials.

David J. Fabilli (Moderator) Steve Krakauer Jesse Yemma
Nick Brewer Andrea Lebedinski Patrice Zapiti

College Radio Station Music Directors (Budapest)
The college radio station music director is one of the keys to the station’s on-air programming identity.  From dealing with record labels and promoters, to bands and artists, to publications like CMJ, to playlist logging and charting, the Music Director has a diverse range of responsibilities.  Here is your opportunity to discuss music programming and relations with labels, trade publications, retail outlets and more!

Brandon Sudol (Moderator) Dave Zelonka
Kris Agathos  

FCC Q&A: How to Obtain a Broadcast License for your Station (Board)
Join communications analyst Allan Myers for a discussion on how your school can apply for and obtain an FM broadcast license, whether it is for a “full-power” FM station, an LPFM station, an AM station, a translator of an existing frequency or a signal booster.

Allen Myers (Co-Facilitator)
Laura Deen Johnson (Co-Facilitator)

Software Solutions for the Production Director (Bombay)
Long-time radio production “ace” Alan Peterson facilitates this workshop.  Widely recognized for his extensive writing about the radio production field, Alan’s participation in Conference 2009 is a great opportunity for the production staff at your station to learn from one of the best in the industry.

Alan Peterson (Facilitator)

3:40 – 4:35 PM

An Audience with Singer-Songwriter Ellis Paul (Zurich) NEW SESSION!
Ellis Paul is one of the leading voices in American songwriting. He was a principal leader in the wave of singer/songwriters that emerged from the Boston folk scene, creating a movement that revitalized the national acoustic circuit with an urban, literate, folk pop style that helped renew interest in the genre in the 1990's.  He has released 14 CDs, and recently explored new media avenues with a documentary/concert DVD called "3,000 Miles," and "Notes from the Road," a critically acclaimed book of poems and stories.  In recent years, he has also toured with longtime friend Vance Gilbert, and to indulge his deep respect for American folk icon Woody Guthrie.  We are proud to welcome Ellis Paul to IBS 2009!

Ellis Paul
Isobel Breheny-Schafer (Facilitator)

Hard & Loud Rock Programming (Paris)
IBS conference hard & loud rock panels go back as far as the late 1960’s (Blue Cheer...ROCKS!!!).  At many stations, listener requests for the genre are at an all-time high.  Take part in a session that promises to cut to the core of this still evolving format, and discuss emerging artists, airplay and more.

Evan Johnson (Moderator) Eric doormouse Peltier
Natalie Camillo Dan Rodriguez

Station Budgets and Finances (London)
There's more to station budgets than simply finding money to spend, although that's certainly quite important in itself.  You also have to plan and keep track of the spending, and lobby your school/university or student government (and possibly underwriters) for funds.  If this all sounds easy, you're probably either doing it wrong, or you've been to this session at a previous national conference!

Ben Shaiken (Co-Facilitator)  
Chris Thomas (Co-Facilitator)  

Production and Imaging: Broadcast Technique (Budapest)
Radio broadcast production equipment, software and technology are rapidly evolving.  Is your radio station, and your staff, able to meet the demands of broadcast excellence and quality expected by listeners today?  Are you using the new technology to help you create a “sound and image” for your station?

Shawn Novatt (Co-Facilitator)
Alan Peterson (Co-Facilitator)

Taking Your Station Out of the Station: How to do a Remote Broadcast (Board)
New broadcast technology makes it easier than ever to plan, schedule and program remote events and features.  From sports to live music to debates and interviews, stations are taking their studios to the streets, and gaining valuable experience and great exposure for their stations.  This session will cover remote broadcast planning from A-Z.

Tom Gibson (Moderator) Tom Ray Ed Schwartz
Frank Burgert Jeff Smith Marko Srdanovic

Organizing and Digitizing Your Music Library (Bombay) NEW SESSION!
Today, college radio stations have more options than ever before to organize their ever-expanding music library.  New technology offers college radio stations practical solutions for digitally storing and preserving their music and using it for playback on-air.  This panel will explore the many options that are available to radio stations for music storage and digital on-air playback.

Phil Effinger (Co-Facilitator)  
Ken Tankel (Co-Facilitator)  

4:50 – 5:45 PM

Opening Doors in the Industry: Making your Name in Broadcasting (featuring Lynn Hoffman) (Zurich) NEW SESSION!
Lynn Hoffman is the host of A&E’s “Private Sessions,” showcasing exclusive performances with top names in entertainment with a focus on contemporary music.  A graduate of the New England Institute of Art, Lynn has also done extensive voiceover work (she is the voice of Fresh 102.7 in NYC), and has previously hosted the “All Request Hour” on VH1 Classic, hosted mornings on Mix 98.5 in Boston, and done entertainment reports for WBZ-TV in Boston.  Join Lynn as she shares with you ideas and advice on how to make YOUR name known in the broadcasting industry!

Lynn Hoffman
Len Mailloux (Facilitator)

Hip-Hop, R&B and Urban Programming (Paris)
Join our panelists for a discussion on a discussion on hip-hop and r&b music and culture.  Emerging artists, airplay, gender issues, culture, artist touring, music videos and other contemporary issues will be discussed, as well as the “mainstreaming” of the music.  Join in on the discussion of where this vibrant musical style...with a heading.

Cut Supreme (Moderator) Ike Infamous  
DJ Phantom Keese M.P.  

Working with Other Student Media and Campus Organizations (London)
Many college stations have seen the benefits of working with their student media colleagues on campus.  Working on projects with staff at your campus newspaper(s), yearbook, web publications, TV stations and pre-professional chapters can lead to improved programming at your station while offering resources to the other organizations as well.  The winners?  Your listeners (and viewers and readers)!

Dustin Herlich Evan Johnson Alexandra Zimmermann
Michael Nevradakis Anne Leighton  
Bayley Brown Peg Watts-Cartwright  

Maintaining and Developing Your Station (Budapest)
Does your station plan for the short or long term when it comes to equipment and facility needs and expenses?  Do you “tread water” each year, barely keeping afloat?  Learn the best ways to keep your station “state of the art” from station engineers.

Tom Gibson (Moderator) Tom Ray Ed Schwartz
Frank Burgert Marko Srdanovic Cedric Watson

Peace and Love: the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock (Board) NEW SESSION!
In the summer of 1969, the legendary Woodstock festival & concert, perhaps more than any other event in history, changed music forever.  Four days of uninterrupted music brought together some of the greatest musicians of the era with over 500,000 people, becoming more than just a concert but a symbol of the political and social movements of the era.  40 years later, the legacy of Woodstock lives on, and IBS is proud to welcome representatives from the Woodstock Museum/ for a session that will include screenings of documentary footage from the original Woodstock festival in 1969, the festivals which have followed in later years, and a discussion about the future of music and the movement which Woodstock gave birth to.

Nathan Koenig (Co-Facilitator)
Shelli Lipton (Co-Facilitator)

Jazz Programming in 2009 (Bombay)
Jazz programming on college stations goes back as long as the medium itself.  In 2009, jazz—and jazz on the radio—is more vibrant than ever.  The jazz greats continue to get airplay, side-by-side with the dynamic and creative new musicians making groundbreaking music today.  This session will look at all the elements of “America’s Music,” on the air, on recordings, and in the clubs.

David Jaye (Moderator) Roberta Piket
Chris Sampson Lorraine Tucci

6:00 – 6:55 PM

Musicians Showcase: An Audience with the Bands, Part II (Zurich)
IBS is proud to welcome some of today’s hottest young bands, artists and musicians for a panel discussion dedicated solely to them and their work.  Spanning many genres and styles of music, this is your chance to learn about their music, careers and much more!  2nd of 2 sessions

Rick Eberle (Moderator) Iridesense Paging Grace Vegas Temper
JP Blues Jann Klose Petrel  
Joe Deninzon (Stratospheerius) Madison Project Roberta Piket  
Holler, Wild Rose! Phil Minissale Tauk  

The Conclave Presents: Breaking Into the Business: Show and Tell (Paris)
In this candid session, industry professionals reveal why NOW is the time for YOU to enter the ever-changing world of broadcasting and media. What are the jobs of the future? How do you get that first job? How can you best prepare for engagement in an industry that is rapidly morphing into a multi-platform universe?  Join Beth Bacall of Star 99.1, New York &; Michelle Novak of Presslaff Interactive; and Bob Taylor of Max Radio Network for a straightforward glance of an industry in need of breaking out-of-the-box to face tomorrow’s challenges…and why YOU are essential to its future. At the end of the session, learn how you can advance your education by winning one of three $1,500 Conclave scholarships being offered to IBS members this year.

Bob Taylor (Moderator) Brandi Ferrara Abel Sanchez
Beth Bacall Michelle Novak Will2Bee

Fundraising, Underwriting, Grant Writing and your Station (London)
Stations express an increasing interest in methods of generating funds from external sources to supplement funds received from the school/university.  Liberalization of FCC rules has heightened interest still further.  We’ll discuss some methods which have already proven successful, as well as potential mistakes to avoid.

Isobel Breheny-Schafer (Moderator) Chris Thomas
Ben Shaiken  

Being a Better Manager (Budapest)
A school/college radio station’s programming is a reflection of the quality of its management.  An effective management team will ensure that your station sounds “polished” and functions smoothly and efficiently.  This session will review organizational management possibilities and techniques, ranging from staff manual development, staffing station director positions, the use of community volunteers and alumni, and more!

Len Mailloux (Facilitator)

Sports in the Field: Sports Broadcasting and your Station (Board)
Sports broadcasts can generate great interest (and oftentimes financial support!) for school and college stations, while also providing valuable broadcast and programming experience.  IBS stations are carrying everything from volleyball to major division college football.  This session will discuss planning and programming sports broadcasts, and will highlight some common mistakes and ways to avoid them!

Randy Sobel (Moderator) Curt Hylton
Jeff Bernstein Matt Mankiewich

Automating your Station with Free and Open-Source Software (Bombay)
The open-source community is a resource that is the answer to a production director’s dreams.  From station automation, to song logging, to editing and production software, Alan Peterson will introduce you to the world of FREE and low-cost open source software solutions for your station.

Alan Peterson (Facilitator)

7:00 – 7:55 PM

Networking and Meet-and-Greet with Today’s Hottest Bands (Zurich)
This is YOUR opportunity to meet, mingle, interact and network one-on-one with some of today’s hottest young bands, artists and musicians, spanning a variety of genres and styles of music, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. 2nd of 2 meet-and-greets.

News Reporting: Tips and Tricks (Paris)
Join us for a session that will help you bolster your skills as a journalist and broadcaster.  From gathering and writing news, scheduling newscasts, to reporting it on the air, you will learn the “tricks of the trade” which will help you become a better journalist, and help your station become a respected source of news and information.

Valerie Geller (Facilitator)

Audio Processing: Perfecting your Station’s Airchain (London) NEW SESSION!
In radio broadcasting, the importance of providing high-quality audio to your listeners cannot be overstated.  However, programmers and engineers often disagree on what a station’s “sound” should be like.  Should a station increase its overall “loudness” to stand out, or should it employ only minimal processing, allowing for a more “natural” sound?  This session will discuss strategies for developing your station’s audio processing and airchain to get the best sound out of your station, and will introduce you to the many exciting audio processing technologies on the market today.

Tom Gibson (Moderator) Tom Ray Marko Srdanovic
Frank Burgert Ed Schwartz  

Audio Bit Rate Reduction: An Introduction (Budapest) NEW SESSION!
The advent of digital audio has provided numerous solutions to radio stations, from enabling the full “digitization” of music libraries, to streaming/webcasting and digital archiving of a station’s programs.  However, with digitization often comes a loss of audio quality as well.  This introductory session, accessible to those who are “non-technical,” will demonstrate, using audio examples, what bit rate reduction does to audio, and strategies for how stations can get the best sound out to listeners will be discussed.

Ken Tankel (Facilitator)

IBS Student Radio Network by Backbone (IBS SRN): Information Session (Board)
Join the discussion as IBS staff discusses the IBS Digital Radio Network, an exciting new service brought to you in conjunction with Backbone, using its advanced client-server radio software to enable school/college stations to syndicate live and produced radio programming among member stations, and to access a vast amount of royalty-free programming from numerous worldwide resources.  2nd of 2 sessions.

George Capalbo Paul Kamp
Rich Cerny Len Mailloux

Radio Across Borders: Global and International Broadcasting (Bombay) NEW SESSION!
In recent years, the growth of online streaming and webcasting has introduced listeners to a world of radio they previously had not been able to explore, without traveling or listening to short-wave radio.  Radio broadcasts still reach billions of listeners each day, and the differences in radio broadcasting from country to country and culture to culture are fascinating.  This session will take you on a whirlwind tour of radio broadcasting beyond our borders.

Michael Nevradakis (Facilitator)

Sunday, March 8th

10:00-11:30 AM

Conference Review and Wrap-Up (Paris)
Here’s your chance to talk with the IBS Conference Staff in a more informal setting, to voice your opinions, ideas and suggestions...what you liked and didn’t like...what you’d like to see more (or less) of...and any other thoughts that might help to make next year’s conference even better!  Members of the IBS Board and staff look forward to seeing you at this closing session.

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