Originally Established  8/11/2001
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Closely Affiliated with House of Hermskii {HOH}!

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CROSSBONES Lucifurs Missile Madness {CMM} PRO-REDEEMER
CROSSBONES MONSTER HUNT -=| Crazy Lucifurs Den |=- {CLD} DM/CTF + NW3 DM/CTF + MH *

UT99 Genre:  Redeemer, Nali Weapons 3, DeathMatch, MonsterHunt, Sniper    
HOME of the Awesome New "PRO"-PirateDeemerCMM014 mod
HOME of the Awesome New "PRO"-SEEKER-DeemerCMM mod
CLD Now has the Awesome New NALI WEAPONS 3 for DM/CTF mod

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Hook's UT Place is an Original UT Site and Forums founded on August 11th, 2001 and was inspired by the Great and Mystical game of Unreal Tournament.

"HUTP" is an acronym for ...
Hook's Unreal Tournament Place.
This acronym has become a Mark of Excellence in the UT community World Wide and is also recognized around the globe as an Original ROCK of the UT world!

We ARE and WILL Be the Last Bastion and HOME of the DIEHARD UT FAN-atics! - Especially for UT99.

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