Hook's "Essential" UT99 DownLoads!  

This Page Updated 10/20/2009
These are UT99 DownLoads that I think are "Essential" and/or Good to have!
Go ahead  - Give them a try!  See for Yourself! - Let Me (Hook) know what you think!
Also if YOU find some Good UT99 DownLoads! - (E-Mail Hook)

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Retail Version Patch
If you have already Installed Unreal Tournament (full retail), be sure to stay current with the latest version of Unreal Tournament.
This is the Final Official Epic Games update to the game adding totally new features and improvements.
I BELIEVE that if you have the G.O.T.Y. version of UT, you may not need to add the Bonus Packs below or the 436 patch.
(Not Sure though)
You will NO longer need the Game CD to play after installing the 436 patch!
Download below for Windows platform:
UT99 Game DEMO & NO Delta Version Patch (Whole Game when DownLoaded)
If you do NOT have the Unreal Tournament game & would like to DownLoad it, do the following.
First DownLoad the Demo of UT99 first and Install it.
Then DownLoad & Install the "NO-Delta 436" Patch! - (Requires NO Game CD!!!)
"NO-Delta 436" Patch  is the Final Official Epic Games update to the game adding totally new features and improvements.
You will have the Full Game after doing these DownLoads & Installations & you will Not need the game CD!
Download below for Windows platform:
The Unreal Tournament Bonus Packs are a big thank-you from the creators of the game to all who have the full version.
If you have the Game of the Year (GOTY) release, it already includes the first bonus pack which includes new character skins, all new relics and new levels.

Official Bonus Pack #1, The Epic Pack Official Bonus Pack #2, The Digital Extremes Pack - DON'T USE the "de" files! Official Bonus Pack #3, The Inoxx Pack Official Bonus Pack #4, The Christmas 2000 Pack MISC. FILES
Updated OpenGL Driver
This is the updated openGL driver that goes in the UT's system folder.
The updated openGL renderer MAY look much smoother than Direct3D.
(You Must Choose & You can change 
back to Direct3D after installing this)
Update the driver and change the settings in unrealtournament.ini to match the text file included in the zip.
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