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Hello you all!
"CMM" is the First of the New "CROSSBONES" UT99/GOTY Online Game Servers!
("CROSSBONES" Servers are Affiliated with HUTP, our site, by Independent Owners/Admins.)

This UT Server will MAINLY be a "Redeemer Arena" Server, but NO Telefragging like the old SRA server.
("SRA" = Shwantz's Redeemer Arena - Shwantz was the owner/admin)
"SRA" later became "Curious Georges Redeemer Insanity" (Hermskii - owner/admin) or just "CG" for short.
Curious Georges Redeemer Insanity" "CG" is No longer Old Skool.
"CMM", our server, is A BIT Old Skool!
This means NO "Golden Parachutes" or "Safety Nets" like the Translocator as in "Newer" Style servers. (aka - pacifier or crutch)
Again - NO Translocator TELEFRAGGING!!! (cry) - It is a bit tougher to play!
And YES! - The "LOOP-OF-POOP" (massive spawn killing) is part of the gametype, so don't cry about it!
This means NO Spawn Protection! - Don't worry, it isn't used very often! - And, it is FUN!
Edit: We MAY add Spawn Protection - MAY!
There are NO other weapons or crutches! - Strickly Redeemer Missiles is all!
Just the SKILL of the SHOOTIST is all that is needed here! - NO Cheets Allowed!!!
It takes some more STEALTH, SKILL and CUNNING! - BUT that is why it is FUN!!!
You Must Be Careful where you are standing! - YOU CAN DO IT!
Also BE ADVISED! - This Gametype IS Addicting!!!
Some Testimonials from CMM players...
Many Players that play here have stated that they "grow to like it better" the OLD SKOOL way!!!
Many players here also say that "it really is a LOT More FUN than they thought" playing it Old Skool!
After playing here at CMM, "other servers seem easier to play!" - (Playing CMM is Challenging and Good Practice)

On Occasion we will run DM, TeamDM (TDM), CTF and possibly DOM and AS.
We also very often include a special weapon like the Zark Rifle!
These "Special" Gametypes will have "Normal" weapons, translocator and pickups with the exception of the Zark Rifle when added.
Check on our Forums at www.hooksutplace.co.nr for "SPECIAL" Game Times and Dates.
Comments, Suggestions, HELP and Complaints are totally WELCOME!!! - Go to our Forums!
Join our FRIENDLY and HELPFUL Group at Hook's UT Place - You are Totally WELCOME here! - Newbies also!!!
Join us! - Be a "Regular" here - Use Our Server "Tag" {CMM} when Playing!!!

Hook's UT Place is a "Classic" UT site! - Established 8/11/2001 - Now in our 9th year!
{CMM} UT Server - (down for a few years - now running again) - Newly RE-Established 10/20/08
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PLEASE - Be COURTEOUS and FRIENDLY to other Players! (except for fragging LOL)
Don't be Rude! - NO Nasty Language or Name Calling!
And Above ALL - Enjoy our Server and Have FUN!

Hook - "CMM" and "HUTP" Admin

By Hook - E-Mail Hook - hook8@msn.com - Copyright 2009 all rights reserved