The de Bruyn's Emigrate to Amerika

Groenekan, Nederland

The de Bruyn's in front of the de Lange family's house in Groene Kan. The de Lange's were close friends and were the last people they saw before they left for Rotterdam. The de Lange family emigrated to Alberta Canada a couple of years later.

In the picture are (L-R) Sebregje holding Henri, Elias, Anneke in front of Hendrikus, and Anne (Hans).
It is time to get into the limousine and go to Rotterdam.
Anneke is waiting her turn to get into the limousine. Everyone was all smiles with the anticipation of a new life in Amerika.

Rotterdam, Nederland

The de Bruyn's used this gangplank to board the s.s. Waterman. The trip would take more than a day longer to complete due to heavy seas.
When on board they lined up by the railing to wave to family and friends on the dock.

The s.s. Waterman departs Rotterdam. The photo is of the April 25 departure: courtasy of Jeffrey Nyeboer whose parents were on board.

Rochester, New York USA
The train carrying the de Bruyn family pulls into the train station in Rochester, New York on April 13th.

They met their sponsors, Pete and Dena Cornell and other members of the Rochester Christian Reformed Church at the train station. The trip from Groene Kan to Rochester was finished. The de Bruyn's were in a new country, a county they would call home.

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Created 21 Nov 2001