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Current Weather Conditions at the Reil Ranch
  Garden Valley, Idaho

Time & Date of Last Data Upload: 28 Jan 2015 8:41 PM
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Mid-Latitudes Aurora Probability
Aurora probability
(Aurora Forecast Page)

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Note: I am pleased to now offer you a valley floor forecast, specific to Crouch and the floor of Garden Valley, and a "Regional Forecast" that will be more accurate for the upper elevations surrounding Garden Valley, useful for those living higher up on Castle Mountain, in Mountain Shadows, and elsewhere. Hopefully these two very different forecasts will help overcome those forecast errors caused by micro-climate anomalies in Garden Valley that are due to elevation differences. I think this will be a major improvement in Garden Valley forecasting.

Crouch & Garden Valley Floor Elevation Forecast

Regional Forecast (Higher Elevations in Garden Valley)

Boise Area Zone Forecast

Boise NWS Weather Radar Animation

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Latest National Academy of Scince Video, "Climate Change Lines of Evidence"

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Climate Scientists' Senate Response to Mr. Monckton's Phony Science

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"A Spring Day" Streaming Time-Lapse W/Music

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Hand-outs from 1st and 2nd year of Preparedness Seminars

Current Boise Weather Radar
Weather radar for Boise & Garden Valley.

Current Web Cam Image
This is a Webcam image of our horse and donkey barn, shot from a waterproof webcam housing on the upper NE corner of my blacksmith/decorative metalworking shop. Most of the time there isn't a lot to see unless we have a snowstorm or thunderstorm in progress. Things are usually pretty laid back here on the ranch. The picture is taken looking NNW up the valley of the Middle Fork of the Payette River. If it is winter you may be able to see little more than piled up snow with the peak of the barn sticking out above. The snow berm can reach 16 feet, the limit of my tractor's bucket reach. Our last three winters have not produced significant snowfalls, but that can easily change.

Webcam image.

Current Station Readings

(Figures in parentheses indicate hourly change)

 Date and Time:

 28 Jan 2015 8:41 PM


 30.6°F (-1.9)

 Dew Point:

 29.1°F (-1.6)

 Wind Chill:

 30.6°F (-1.9)

 Wind Speed:

 0 MPH (0)

 Wind Direction:

 SE by S


 27.38 inHg (0.02)

 Rainfall Rate:

 0.00 in/h (0.00) 

 Current Conditions:

 Heavy Clouds


All dials with comms image

Graphical History
Note: These graphs may be displayed in either 24-hour or 7-day format. If I lose a data set due to technical problems, I will switch back to a 24 hour format until I have at least one full day of data history logged.

External temperature graph        Dew point graph

Wind speed graph        Wind direction graph

Wind chill graph        External humidity graph

Pressure graph        Heat index graph

Rain rate graph        External humidity graph

Daily rain graph

Manually Tabulated Winter Data
Note: All data values below are in "inches." Also, these values are hand tabulated and entered on this page, so they will not be updated in the same quarter-hourly cycle as the rest of the data. I will update this data after each significant storm when time permits. The snowfall measurements are taken near the location of my weather station on Anderson Creek Road, so they may not match snowfall depths in other locations in Garden Valley, especially up the Middle Fork drainage and on the mountain slopes nearby, where depths twice to three times what I record may occur.

Snowfall at Reil Ranch Weather Station
This Update: 8:30 PM, 17 Jan 2014
*Snowfall Measurement: 1-3/4"
 Storm Total at This Time: 1-3/4"
Snowfall Total to Date: 54-1/4"
*Notes: Changing over to rain

* * * * * *
Snowfall Total, Winter 2012-2013, 41.4"
Snowfall Total, Winter 2011-2012, 50.75"
Snowfall Total, Winter 2010-2011, 81.75"
First Snowfall winter 2014-2015: 13 Nov 2014, 12"
First Snowfall winter 2013-2014: 6 Nov, 2013, 3.0"
First Snowfall winter 2012-2013: 23 Oct 2012, 0.25"
First Snowfall winter 2011-2012: 5 Nov 2011, 0.25"
Last Snowfall winter 2011-2012: 20 Mar, 1.5"
Last Snowfall winter 2012-2013: 22 May, flurries
Last Snowfall winter 2013-2014: Apr 2, 2-3/8" wet snow

Solar Radiation
Note: Snow is an almost perfect UV reflector, so if any snow falls and remains on the UV detector it will not register any UV radiation, while in fact there may be intense radiation from the sky, as well as UV reflected upward from the surface of the snow. Therefore, if you look at the UV Index and do not see any indication of UV radiation, we may still have a dangerous level of radiation present. So please use care even if the UV Index shows a zero reading.

Solar Radiation: 0 Watts/M2                    Current UV Index: 0.0

UV Index Chart

UV Statistics
Current UV (change in the last hour):
0.0 (0.0)
Highest UV Today: 1.8 at 1:44 PM
Average UV Today: 0.3
Average UV This Week: 0.3
Average UV This Month: 0.2

Theoretical Cloud Base Elevation
The following graph of "Cloud Base" elevation is the result of a totally theoretical calculation involving the air temperature at ground level, current relative humidity, and the theoretical "adiabatic lapse rate." It assumes uniformly changing conditions in the vertical air column, which of course is most often not the case, especially in mountainous regions. The graph will still show a theoretical cloud base even when there are no clouds in the sky. The calculated cloud base height is simply the theoretical height, above the weather station, where the air temperature will have decreased enough (adiabatic lapse rate) to reach the dew point. For those living in Garden Valley, if you look at Charters Mountain or Garden Mountain, both about 7000' in elevation, and see clouds touching their tops, and then look at the graph below, and it indicates the cloud base is close to 7000', then you know the atmospheric conditions are relatively uniform, and match the theoretical rates of change as you move up the air column. I include this graph only for your interest.

Cloud base graph

Sunrise & Sunset Times

Sunrise Today:
8:05 AM       Sunset Today: 5:48 PM

Hours of Sunlight Today: 9:43

Sunrise Tomorrow: 8:04 AM       Sunset Tomorrow: 5:49 PM

Hours of Sunlight Tomorrow: 9:45

Time-Lapse Webcam Movies and stills
You can save the videos listed below to disk and view them with your own viewer, or watch them directly in your browser. Downloading them to disk first will allow you to drag the corner of your viewer window out to enlarge it if you wish. The videos are between 3.0 and 12 megs in size, so expect a short download time depending on your connection speed. The video viewing time may be as short as 12 seconds for an hour long time-lapse sequence, to as long as 2 minutes for a full day time-lapse sequence. I have discontinued the hourly time-lapse videos.

Selected Weather Related Time-Lapse Movies
(From my webcam, length varies)

Our First Brief Snow 10/27/2009

A Short Intense Hail Storm 3/30/2010

Unstable Spring Weather - A full Day (streaming)

"A Spring Day" w/music (streaming)

Current"Sage Winds" Weather Spotter Newsletter (pdf)
This monthly newsletter includes lots of useful weather and climate information for the average person as well as the trained weather spotter. The seasonal long term forecasts, monthly forecasts, and current weather discussions can be found here. Note: I no longer maintain a long term archive of back copies, and new editions from the NWS have stopped coming on a regular basis.

Latest Issue


Global Warming, Fact or Fiction
Yes, "Global Warming/Climate Change" is real, and it is already making profound, and possibly catastrophic, changes to our environment and planet. That is not disputed. The big question, is the cause man or nature? Below is a download link to a 1 hour and 44 minute video recording of the May 6, 2010 Senate hearings on the causes of Global Warming and data validity. This is a big video file, 536 Mb, but this hearing includes both "sides" of the debate. You be the judge. It is a must-see for everyone who has a vested interest in climate change, and that includes everyone. Download the file to your hard disk and then view it on your Quicktime video viewer in full screen. The video quality is good enough to view it full screen. If you do not have Quicktime, it is a free download for Mac or Windows.

Latest National Academy of Science Video "Climate Change Lines of Evidence"

Download Video of the Senate Hearings on Global Warming

Climate Scientists' Senate Response to Mr. Monckton's Phony Science

This link is to a small 2 minute 15 second video that explains what Global Warming is, and its relationship to CO2.

Global Warming & CO2

This dramatic and spectacular "Extreme Ice Survey" time-lapse video was produced by James Balog. If you have a family and children you have a vested interest in the future. You owe it to them to educate yourself about Global Warming/Climate Change. This video requires no background in science for it to be stunningly clear that Global Warming is real, and that it is reaching critical momentum.

 Time-Lapse Proof of Extreme Ice Loss

This somewhat technical Web site provides excellent and easily understood information about Global Warming/Climate Change. This is not an issue to take sides on. There are no sides to this issue, there are only the facts. You can have those facts explained to you in clear easy to understand terminology in the excellent tutorials on this site. This site is for those who wish to fully understand the processes involved in Global Warming.

Central Coast Climate Science Page

The Smoking Gun?

Perhaps not, but of all the climate change data I have studied in my 20+ years of carefully following Global Warming research, perhaps the following simplistic graph is the most easily understood and impactful. The perfectly in-sync CO2, sea level, and global temperature curves, do demonstrate Global Warming is real. This graph goes back 400,000 years, but data, although of less precision, is available that continues this graphical relationship more than 2,500,000 years. Notice where the CO2 level is today, at the extreme upper right corner of the graph. You do not see the sea level and global temperature jumping up in sync on the graph simply because the CO2 rise occurs in so short a time period that the impact of the CO2 change has not yet had time to show up in the temperature and sea level measurements at the scale of this graph. I hope you will take the time to explore the above and below linked resources. Thank you.

CO2-global temperature graph.

A Few Words About Information/Disinformation Sources
There is an old saying, to determine the credibility of your information source, follow the money trail. Unfortunately, that is as true in science today as everywhere else. "Pure scientists," those who work primarily for the love of the research (pure science), and have no agendas to push, are mostly found doing research in various academic institutions or NASA. Compare those with "scientists" who are on the payrolls of large corporations, public utilities, political organizations, or other organizations with a self interest or agenda to push.

Think back to the "scientists" who worked for the tobacco companies, and their "scientific" data and opinions, all bought and paid for, and all outright lies. So it is prudent to learn where the money is coming from to support a particular organization, scientist, or expert, and often that information is carefully covered up. The fossil fuels corporations, and some electric utilities, have launched a huge misinformation campaign to discredit Global Warming in an attempt to prevent costly CO2 capture technology installation requirements from being enacted into law, and there are many so called authorities, agents of the oil or power companies, out there now presenting false information and outright lies to the public, as well as to the employees of the companies themselves. To follow the money trail behind many of these climate disinformation "experts," visit the following...

This link will take you to the "" page where you can watch an excellent video discussion by two top level scientists, Christopher Field and Michael MacCracken, regarding the possible range of impacts of Global Warming, the role of the IPCC, and how to maintain the credibility of the IPCC in the face of well funded and organized attacks by the oil and power industry's disinformation campaign.

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Links Relative to This Weather Page and Garden Valley
Note: Be sure to check the date and time for each map. The lightning maps are delayed data maps.

Garden Valley Zone Forecast

Wolf Tapeworm Dangers Fact Sheet

Weather Events Journal

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Mountain Shadows Weather Station

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U.S. & PNW Current Lightning & Probability Maps

PNW 60 Minute Lightning Strike Map

Zone IDZ403 Fire Weather Forecast

Garden Valley Fire Protection District Home Page

Latest Idaho Earthquake Information & Map

Idaho Clickable Fault Information Map

My Web Site Map

Weather Station Location & Info
The data source for this weather page is my "Vantage Pro2 Plus" weather station, which is equipped with a fan aspirated temperature sensor, additional solar sensors, and a rain gauge snow melting heater for winter. The weather station is located above my lower south pasture where there is nothing to interfere with wind or precipitation measurements. Our location in the Central Idaho mountains has coordinates of 44¬? 6.703" N, 115¬? 57.556" W, and an elevation of 3,051'. This is a deep snow area, so I will also include storm snowfall totals, and total snowfall to date, snow measurements.

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