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The following "Prepping Matrix" pdf file shows, all on one diagram, the main areas of prepping that need to be addressed when planning and implementing a home prepping/preparedness program. You may click on the image below, or the caption under it, to download the full sized, suitable for poster, pdf file. Please note that this excellent poster quality file was provided by "Prepper Link," a very good prepper site where you can get lots of other excellent free downloads and source information. I recommend you pay them a visit.    :-)

Preppiing matrix
Prepping Matrix

Resource Hand-Outs from Past Preparedness Seminar Series I & II

This page contains a list of download links for all the various preparedness documents that resulted from our first series of preparedness seminars. It also includes all of the new documents generated from the second series of seminars as they became available. The second series does contain new information over what is available in the first year's document series.

Documents From the First Series of Seminars

Home Storage
Menu Planner
Shelf Life of Food Storage 1
Shelf Life of Food Storage 2
Wheat & Grain
More Wheat Recipes
Beans & Legumes

        Fats & Oils       
Ultra Gel
Powdered Milk
Fruit & Vegitables
Salt, Spices, & Misc.
Non-food Items
72 Hour Kit
Alternative Cooking

              Campfire Spit Cooking                
Cooking Without Power
Dutch Oven Cooking
First Aid 1
First Aid 2
First Aid 3
Grow Potatoes in a Barrel
How to Culture Milk
How to make a Cardboard Smoker
Seven Mistakes in Food Storage
Solar Cookers and Cooking
Solar Hot Water Systems and Components

         Survival Candle           
The Texas Style Smoker Bar
Thermal Cooking (docx)
Thermal Cooking (wps)
Tin Foil Dinner Tips
Tripod Cooking Stand
What is Smoke Cured Meat

Second Seminar Series

Misc. Sources and Information

Medical: This document may seem to be of little use at first glance, but it contains medical information that may be critical to have at some point. It also gives you sources for antibiotics to combat infection, and the doses to use. This document is focused on biological warfare within the U.S., but it is equally valuable and applicable to long term preparedness and survival. Download and print it, and include it with your preparedness supplies, along with the antibiotics it recommends you get in large quantities, and that do keep for long periods of time if they remain as a dry powder.

Water Pumps: These "down the hole" pumps can be hand operated, or run on grid or solar power. They are low volume so require very low energy input, but they can be set up to operate around the clock to keep your water tanks full. They appear to be very high quality.

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