Sir Peter Wouters Van der Meulen of Amsterdam, Holland.

His knighthood was conferred upon him for distinguished services to the public in the improvement of dykes and canals. His oldest son, Peter Van (der?) Meulen (born in Holland in 1622, immigrated to America from Leyden, where he was studying for the ministry in that University. About 1650, he joined other refugees who had come thither for conscience's sake, from England and this aroused the displeasure of his father, who disinherited him. His name was changed to Peter Mills, Van der Meulen, being in Dutch "the man of the mill." This was copied from an unknown book on the page with Miller and Mills. There is sketch of the engraving for the Van Der Meulen (Mills) coat of arms. I don't remember where I got it but I need to know. Anyone know where it came from? The copy continues with Peter marring Dorkas Messinger and shows their children names.

Research by: Charles Roger John Charles Roger Roger Mills

Debra Lucille Mills Pena has maintained since 1998 that the corrent spelling is Muelen. I am awaiting the URL where she discovered this information.

Gregory Charles Mills

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