Before and after:


Back left half done, going around the back.

Click for hi-res, notice the rot.


Front left almost ready for block work.


Done, missing a smidgeon of trim.

Click for hi-res!


Front old.


Front almost done. The garage doors are still rotten, but match the house.


Far end started, needs a few blocks and the half painted siding removed.

Click for hi-res, more rot, and window waiting to be framed.


Far end half done.


Far end done, needs a little paint and trim.

Click for hi-res!


Back done. A little door trim on the bottom to do, but it is caulked in.


Rotten siding:


Inside. Notice the old window, and bad brown wallboard. The old siding was Masonite. Masonite is an excellent product, gauranteed to last for 6 to 8 weeks!



Mirror caught on the #2 garage pillar by a driver's side mirror



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