The Selendian Scout

The Selendian Scout There are two kinds of space jacks on this moon. The first does his 8 to 8 grind, balling the laserdrill in the ice mines, dreaming of the day when he'll get his reward, a tiny cube
in Tranquility Gardens, with minimal life support, if a blowout
or moonquake doesn't get him first. Yeah, nothing like a future that you may never reach, with low water rations and yeast cakes to live it up with.

The second kind of space jack gets his rewards now. You can recognize this one off duty, because he's on his Selendian Scout. He knows there's little on Luna's surface that can
stop him when he's on his Scout, the mares and mounts are his to own. Yeah, the Selindian Scout is nearly unstoppable. With it's wide, independently powered wheels, even the
softest, deepest moon dust barely slows you down, you float above it. With it's wide
grippy tires, there isn't much that you can't drive up. There's a reason the Selindian Scout is the preferred surface vehicle of company mining engineers and the search and
rescue branch of the Lunar Rangers.


Standard on the Selendian Scout
are dual headlights (you're not
gonna let two weeks of darkness
keep you from fun, are you?),
dual taillights, wide band
antenna, plug in life support, and
more equipment mounts than you
can shake a stick at. Yeah, you
can even prospect with it, there's
nothing like finding a uranium
vein to bring in the bonus bucks!
Large integrated hydrox tanks
give you a 500 klick range, and
are easily refilled at any company
station, while powerful motors give
you a 100 kph top speed on
the flatlands.

With it's convenient dual seating,
you can bring a friend along, too.
The back section has plenty of
room for gear, bring along a
pressure tent, spare hydrox
tanks, prospecting samples or
whatever, the moon is your oyster.

The Selendian Scout The Selendian Scout comes in
mandatory safety yellow, matched
with black structural elements,
so you can see why spacejacks
call it the YellowJacket (a rough,
tough Terran insect).

If you act now, you can become
the second kind of space jack.
The company has easy credit plans,
with convenient collateral
options involving duplicate
organs, insurance beneficiaries
and stakes in potential claims.
What's a few extra years working,
if you have fun when you're
young. Really, the only thing
keeping you off a Scout is yourself.

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