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Fine handwovens, made the old fashioned way


All of our items are hand woven on multi-harness floor looms using high quality yarns and threads. The production process is slow and painstaking, and each batch of articles may only consist of a single scarf or table runner, or a half dozen tea towels. Colors are consistent within a batch, but since each batch is created individually, no two are exactly alike. All of the weaving is done by Georgia herself, so you can be assured of personalized care and craftsmanship in the creation of each and every item.

(Dimensions are approximate and represent the average of recent items.)



Our most popular item, woven from 5/2 cotton. The field is unmercerized natural (off-white) cotton with colored accents. Nominal dimensions are 17.5 inches wide by 25 inches long (45 cm by 64 cm). Towels are machine washed and dried to set the weave and prevent shrinkage. They may be washed and dried as you would any cotton item.
Price: $17.00 per towel

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Above: Another batch of tea towels coming together on the loom

Below: Some finished and folded towels, illustrating several striping patterns.

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An elegant, understated accessory for your dining table or any fine wood furnishing. The usual runner is about 13 inches wide by 62 inches long (33 cm by 157 cm), woven of off-white 74% cotton / 26% rayon with an irregular, textured surface to add character. Each table runner is machine washed and dried before finishing to soften and blend the texture. They may be carefully hand washed thereafter.
• Natural color, textured, 13 x 62 inches: $65.00 per runner
• Natural color, textured, 13” wide by custom length: $1.25 per inch of length
• Tea towel style runner, with untextured natural background and accent stripes in the color of your choice, 12” wide by custom length: $1.25 per inch of length.

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Luscious, soft, rayon chenille scarves that will make heads turn while keeping your neck warm. Typical finished dimensions are 8 inches wide by 90 inches long (20 cm by 229 cm), including a 5 inch (13 cm) hand-twisted fringe at each end. The scarves are machine washed before finishing the fringe, but should only be dry cleaned or very carefully hand washed thereafter to avoid damaging the fringe.
Price: $95.00 per scarf

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Above: A purple variegated scarf on the loom.

Below: Striping examples of variegated color scarves.

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It is difficult to get a true representation of actual colors from a website photograph, but we have attempted to provide some color samples below. If you plan to order several items with the same colors, it is best to order them as a single batch since colors may differ from one dye lot to the next.

Cotton Colors
Tea towels are woven in natural (off-white) cotton as the base with narrow color stripes as accents in one or two of the colors illustrated below. Table runners are usually woven with highly textured yarns entirely in the natural (off-white) color. However, table runners can also be ordered in the same untextured yarn with color stripe accents as used for tea towels.

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Back row, left to right:
#158 - Navy, #104 - Linen, #002 - Black, #109 - Khaki, #488 - Dijon, #879 - Sweet Potato
Next to back row, L to R:
#130 - Daffodil (NO LONGER AVAILABLE), #056 - Antique Rose, #143 - Burgundy, #139 - Teaberry, #052 - Sugar Pink, #157 - Deep Red
Next row, L to R:
#057 - Bisquit, #128 - Wedgewood, #024 - Blueberry, #102 - Pearl, #984 - Blue Cloud, #111 - Limoges
Front row, L to R:
#506 - Chelsea, #103 - Tunisian Teal, #300 - Willow, #032 - Renaissance, #074 - Palest Jade, #294 - Quince

Chenille Colors
Chenille scarves are woven in one of the base colors illustrated below. Georgia then integrates a compatible variegated chenille yarn that best complements your choice of base color.

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Back row, left to right:
#870 - Lavender, #802 - Straw, #050 - Red, #098 - Purple Passion, #282 - Golden Shimmer
Middle row, L to R:
#041 - Bordeaux, #1941 - Paprika, #057 - Naples Navy, #005 - Fawn, #002 - Black, #792 - Splash
Front row, L to R:
#111 - Limoges, #253 - Sage, #283 - Suade, #1906 - Navy, #356 - Porcini