Weavings By Georgia

Fine handwovens, made the old fashioned way



Georgia Knutsen initially began learning fiber arts skills as a hobby in the late 1980s. At that time, she and her husband were living in the high desert of southeastern California where her husband worked as an aerospace engineer for the U.S. Navy and she taught classical dance and operated her own dance studio, Sierra Academy of Dance. That busy pace prevented her from spending much time on her hobby.

When the couple retired in 1996, they moved from the desert to the mountains of northeastern California, settling near the shores of Lake Almanor a few miles from the small town of Chester. The forests that ring the lake are a creative inspiration that encouraged Georgia to pursue her spinning and weaving with enthusiasm. In this quiet region where the Sierra Nevada mountains meet the Cascades, you are in daily contact with natural beauty. It’s a place where traditional crafts are still valued. And what began as a simple hobby has now blossomed into a modest but satisfying “second career.”

Georgia is affiliated with Plumas Arts, the Reno Fiber Guild and the Conference of Northern California Handweavers (CNCH). She is also a certified search and rescue (SAR) technician, volunteering her services with the Plumas County SAR Team and the statewide Calfornia Rescue Dog Association (CARDA).

Georgia welcomes questions and comments and can be reached directly at georgiakatie@frontiernet.net .