The Collection of Major George Bray III

18th Century Weapons

These items represent some of those in Major Bray's collection pertaining to the French and Indian War. You may enlarge them in your browser to better see them.

Pictured here are two European Court Small Swords of the mid-18th Century. The one to the left has a 31 1/2" hollow ground blade with a brass hilt that is copper wired. It has a double shell guard decorated with eagles and trophies and an eagle on the pommel. The one to the right is similar, but has a 32" colichemarde blade that is flattened and diamond sectioned. It starts out being wide at the hilt end and then quickly tapers to a rapier type blade. These type blades were popular with French and Indian War period officers, and Washington had a colichemarde bladed sword as well.

The musket pictured here is an officer's fusil made about 1780 by a famous gunmaker named Ketland. It is lighter weight, smaller calibered, and much finer a weapon than the enlisted man's arm the Brown Bess. This weapon is decorated with an English rose on the trigger guard bow, with the guard terminating into an engraved pineapple. It is .66 caliber and has the original owner's initials "CB" stylishly engraved on the escutcheon.

This fusil bayonet has a blade that is only 11" long.

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