Unit Events 2017

(Subject to Change)

The following events are events that the unit should plan on attending.

May 19-21 ... War College of the French and Indian War, Fort Ticonderoga

May 27-28 ... French and Indian War Encampment, Fort Stanwix

June 17-18 ... French and Indian War Event, Fort Ontario

July 1-3 ... Grand Encampment of the French and Indian War,  Fort Niagara

August 26-27 ... 260th Anniversary of the Siege of Fort William Henry,  French and Indian War Society

September 23-24 ... The End of the Campaign, French and Indian War Society and Rogers' Island, Fort Edward, NY


Major Bray speaking to visitors to Fort Stanwix, NY about the characteristics of a flintlock musket, May 2004.

(Photo courtesy of Maralena Dropp)

The late Lieutenant Colonel Downey and Major Bray commanding the British forces at Fort Crown Point, NY within the interior of the British fort, August 2004.

(Photo courtesy of Kate Keel)

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