Major George A. Bray III
Commanding Officer

The photo on the left was taken at the winter tactical at Ft. Crown Point, New York (February 2001) by Bryan "Goose" Gosling.   The photo on the right was taken December 1998 at Johnson Hall in Johnstown, New York.

Major George Bray III is the commander of the company. He is well known as a historian of the French and Indian War and has published several articles.

George A. Bray III is a nationally known authority on the French and Indian War and Rogers' Rangers. He has served as the commander of Old Fort Niagara's French and Indian War encampment for the last 30+ years. The French and Indian War encampment at Old Fort Niagara is one of the largest French and Indian War events in North America and continues to grow annually.   He also is the site historian at a website pertaining to the Last of the Mohicans

The company of Rogers' Rangers commanded by Major George A. Bray III is committed to the preservation of the history and memory of Major Robert Rogers' "Independent Companies of American Rangers" and the French and Indian War (1754-1760). The unit mission is to portray, to the maximum extent possible, the lifestyle of the 18th century military for the educational benefit of visitors to historic sites and other places where this mission may be accomplished. Additionally, members participate in private events where fellow living history enthusiasts of the same period may engage in war games, filmings,etc. for the benefit of their own understanding and experience; give lectures on the unit and French and Indian War to groups interested in sponsoring same; and any other potential outlets or opportunities to further perpetuate the history and significance of the French and Indian War and Rogers' Rangers.

Individuals who would like to become involved with the unit are welcome. While there are no minimum requirements for the number of events/activities one attends,members are expected to uphold the mission of the unit when they do participate; to observe proper military discipline and protocol; to assist in tasks that need to be done; and to be involved in personal study and research beyond that provided by the unit to increase personal knowledge of the period. Assistance will be provided to get you properly uniformed and accoutered to be able to participate with the unit in its activitities.

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