French and Indian War

Selected Bibliography for the French and Indian War

The following represents a selected bibliography for those interested in looking deeper into various aspects of Rogers' Rangers. It is intended to provide a starting point, and allow the reader to gain insight into the conflict and prepare him/her to pursue other references should the inclination to do so be there.

A now out of print bibliography was published in 1986 entitled "Struggle for Empire: A Bibliography of the French and Indian War" by James G. Lydon. This work would provide an even deeper investigation into this conflict that spread worldwide. An additional work of merit is "Arms for Empire" by Douglas Edward Leach. It discusses the development of the military from the period of colonization to the end of the French and Indian War. It has an excellent bibliography within it. Finally I would suggest that the reader check out the US Army Center for Military History Bibliography.

Major George A. Bray III
Unit Commanding Officer and Historian

Bibliography of Sources for Rogers' Rangers

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