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June 3, 2019

The Vietnam War Years of
Korat Royal Thai Air Base

Always looking for "new" photos, film, and audio from your days at Korat, and especially for film of Roscoe that some of you out there might have taken.


Please contact me if you can help!


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Can YOU Help?

1.  Looking for info and pictures about the "Fort Roundeye" compound that housed our WAF personnel.  Please contact Bob (korat70 at gmail) if you can help. Thanks!


2 . Every so often, I receive requests from people (mostly former Korat base inhabitants) looking for information about people, places, situations, medical , etc. that I cannot answer, but some of you out there might be able to assist these folks.  I  created a page where these requests are placed so that you can look at them and see if you know how to help them out.  It is located under the COMMUNICATE directory at the top left of this page.  Thank you!




There have been no new submissions in many, many months!  I try to keep things updated as I receive them.  Many things appear to be put on the Facebook site but I do not use that much nor do I place things on this website from there as I want the original submitters permission to put items on this website.


Bob  -  January 23, 2018