Tiger Shark Pilots - Mid-Summer 1969

A few Tiger Shark pilots pose in front of the gun platoon "hooch" during a break from combat operations. Those enjoying "Miller Time" were probably not standing primary or secondary alert on this particular day. Back row (left to right): WO1 Darell Koenig, 1LT Rich Zurawick (Zip), WO1 John Biddar (Mad John), WO1 Terry Custer (General). Front row (left to right)WO1 Don Hancock (Lizard, Died 2/13/2004), WO1 Greg Morrison(Froggie), and 1LT Tom Campbell (Okie).

Tom was lost on 28 October 1969, along with the rest of his crew, while covering an extraction of C Company, 75th Rangers. His valiant sacrifice will never be forgotten by his comrades in arms.

Photo and caption provided by Bill Bauer, bauer@jwfc.acom.mil

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